Nihongo Con Teppei

    nihongo con teppei

    If you’ve heard of any Japanese podcast for language learners, chances are it’s Nihongo Con Teppei. In addition to being a native Japanese speaker, Teppei speaks Spanish and English, the former of which being where the name comes from ("con" meaning "with" in Spanish).

    After starting the series several years ago, Teppei has gone on to record almost a podcast a day, leading to hundreds and hundreds of episodes, and even a beginner and advanced series, along with collaborative podcasts with other teachers like Noriko sensei.

    The topics covered in Nihongo Con Teppei are varied, and episodes tend to run on the longer side, with many clocking in around 20 minutes. His speech varies too, from slightly slowed to normal speed.

    Teppei does a good job as host, and remains interesting and engaging regardless of topic. He’s funny, and several recurring jokes help give Nihongo Con Teppei such a welcoming atmosphere. For Japanese learners looking for more immersion material, Teppei is hard to beat.