Nihongo Alive: Listen & Learn from Real-life Conversations Beginning & Intermediate

    nihongo alive listen and learn from real life conversations beginning and intermediate

    Nihongo Alive is a textbook accompanied by audio and an answer key that is geared towards practicing authentic conversations. The audio recordings can be accessed through the Oto Navi app, which you will have to download onto your device to listen to. The textbook is broken into eight unique sections, each featuring both listening and speaking exercises. Specifically, you'll find conversations where you are speaking to a pre-recorded partner and responding to them, filling in missing parts to sentences while you listen, and answering questions about the script. The topics are varied and cover food, games, travel, and other subjects common to beginner language-learners.

    After giving this textbook a try, I do think the dialogue is truer to real-life conversations than a typical textbook, such as Genki or Minna no Nihongo. At times though, the conversations can come across as a bit casual and awkward. Also, there isn't as much opportunity for output as there is input, as the speaking practice tends to be quite short.

    This textbook is suggested for beginner and intermediate Japanese language learners, which I think is accurate. However, I'd say it isn't geared toward true beginners, as there isn't much English and it could be difficult to understand some parts. Ideally, it seems great for a classroom setting, where you could hear pronunciation advice from a teacher.

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