Neko Sensei

    If you’re in search of a YouTube channel for Japanese learning, Neko Sensei may be just what you’re looking for. The videos on this channel are produced and recorded by a Japanese teacher, so each one is educational and topics are throughly explained. Most of the videos surround Minna No Nihongo topics or JLPT N2 grammar points. The level of the material therefore ranges from beginner to upper intermediate. If you’re new to the language, the creator of this channel recommends learning 60-70% of hiragana first and then beginning your viewing with “Lesson 1 Video.”

    Most of the videos in this channel surround grammar, vocabulary, and reading practice. For instance, one of the video series tests vocabulary knowledge by displaying a kanji or vocabulary word and then revealing the reading and English translation several seconds later. Aside from the occasional English phrase, however, most of Neko Sensei’s videos are entirely in Japanese.

    Because each video is relatively short and includes colorful images that accompany the narration, they are good at holding your attention. Another creative method that Neko Sensei uses to teach viewers is through Japanese riddles that are full of puns and really make you think. Music lovers may take particular interest in the videos that break down J-Pop songs by explaining the meaning behind the lyrics. Give it a go to see what you think!