Necota's Japanese Language Classroom

    Necota's Japanese Language Classroom is a YouTube channel designed for Japanese learners who are studying for different levels of the JLPT. Most of her videos are short, running between five to ten minutes.

    In this channel, a native Japanese teacher, Neco Necota, explains different grammar points. She teaches entirely in Japanese, and example sentences aren't usually translated into English, so you'll likely need some understanding of basic Japanese to get the most out of this channel. However, Necota speaks slowly and clearly, a feature well-suited to beginners. She also uses stuffed animals, illustrations, gestures, and graphics to keep you interested in watching the video.

    In each lesson, Necota provides lots of example sentences, using a simple "__ + __ = ___" formula to teach most grammar points. She also teaches you different contexts in which you can use the grammar while incorporating other useful expressions and vocabulary. This channel will help you understand how to use the target grammar in real life, as well as learn the meaning and nuance.