momomori eki

    Developer and Japanese learner Monique Murphy recently started a series of Japanese readers based on a simple concept. In their words:

    Personally, I get a lot of mileage out of learning vocab out of context first and then "stumbling" upon it while reading.

    And that's exactly how you're supposed to use the information laid out in this series of posts. Using different Japanese texts as a base (the first is a Japanese ghost story), Monique breaks down the vocabulary and grammar used in the text with kanji readings, English glosses, word frequency information, and links to grammar explanations. The idea here is that you spend some time studying the vocabulary and grammar (preferably in an SRS) before tackling the story. Once you're ready to read, there's also an English translation that includes notes on language use and culture so you can check your understanding of the text in a more meaningful way.

    This is an excellent idea, and we hope to see more. There have been four more posts since the series began—plenty to feed your brain with grammar and vocabulary for quite some time.

    Graded Reader