Momoko to Nihongo

    screenshot of the momoko to nihongo page on spotify

    Momoko to Nihongo is a podcast that uses easy Japanese, aimed at intermediate learners who would like listening practice. The podcast creator, Momoko, uses slow, easy-to-understand Japanese and often restates longer or more complicated sentences in English immediately afterward to make sure everyone can follow along. Beginning in early 2020, she now has over 170 episodes dealing with a variety of topics such as 留学 (studying abroad), 日本のコーヒー文化 (Japanese coffee culture), and even 都市伝説 (urban legends). Going back a ways, her earlier podcasts seem to be divided by difficulty level based on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Recent podcasts don't have that distinction anymore, but are generally around the JLPT N5 to N3 level in my opinion. She also provides scripts for each episode on her website. She also has an Instagram account and encourages listeners to submit podcast topic ideas through there.

    The pacing, vocabulary usage, and occasional English translation make this podcast an ideal listening resource for lower-intermediate learners, but I feel that beginner learners of Japanese can also get a lot out of it as well. Having a script, too, is a huge plus if you are not confident with your listening comprehension skills.

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