Mochijapa YouTube and Twitter Accounts

    Irizuki Ayano is a Japanese teacher who teaches both as herself on Twitter, and as the VTuber Mochina Amatsuka on YouTube. Before she became a certified Japanese teacher, Ayano Sensei worked in the video game, voice acting, and modeling industries. As such, she's very well-versed in Japanese pop-culture, and some of the tips she shares on Twitter reflect that interest. Covering a diverse range of topics in her content, she posts about a wide variety of interesting vocabulary that pertain to slang, specific franchises like Naruto, popular snacks, and more, offering new ways for learners to engage with Japanese pop culture.

    On YouTube, Mochijapa offers a range of content, from more traditional language-learning study videos, videos on specific vocab or grammar points, common misconceptions or mistakes for Japanese learners, and even a video discussing pitch accent. The videos are very high quality, with immediately useful content delivered in a fun and informative way, and it's clear that Mochijapa cares a lot about effective teaching. I just wish she had more videos!