Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (Season 2)

    The feel-good, food-lovers series is back for round two! Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is set in the same late-night izakaya, with the original chef "master" we all love. As the introduction tells you, his job starts when most people are rushing to get home.

    One might assume that the people roaming the streets and grabbing dinner at 2:00 a.m. in Tokyo are quite quirky, and true to this nature, his customers are no different. Many have quite the backstory, such as the orphan-turned-actor who meets his mom at the diner, or the former fake-marriage swindler who falls in love with another former con-artist. The master is always there to listen and give his two cents when he feels it's best.

    Through watching this series, you'll also learn about different dishes that are served at izakaya. Some of these items include plum onigiri, curry ramen, and sweet rolled omelette. You'll be dying to try these plates by the end.

    With ten short episodes (each about twenty-five minutes), you can binge the series pretty quickly. It has some content that seems geared for a more adult audience, but for the most part it is pretty light and tame.