Meshclass Japanese YouTube Channel

    Meshclass Japanese is a YouTube channel with a wide variety of content related to Japanese grammar, JLPT prep, conversation, pronunciation, business Japanese, interview phrases, and more. While the videos are meant as a supplement to Meshclass's free and paid online courses on their website, they're a helpful resource on their own as well.

    The videos are led primarily by a native speaker named Tezuka-sensei, with a small supporting cast. Most come in at just under ten minutes, keeping the information concise while still offering a thorough explanation of the content and sections to test your knowledge as you go. Tezuka-sensei's teaching style is also slow and clear, with a gentle manner.

    Additionally, almost everything about the videos is in Japanese, including the explanations. This makes them great for in-depth immersive learning, especially for people with some basic knowledge of Japanese already. And if you need them, most videos have subtitles in many languages, so you'll probably get something out of it even if you can't yet follow Japanese speech.