Megumi's Daily Japanese Adventures

    megumis daily japanese adventures

    If you're wanting to get more listening practice in, the podcast Megumi's Daily Japanese Adventures could be the right fit for you. This podcast was created for Japanese learners and could be used somewhat similarly to JLPT listening practice. In this podcast, the host, Megumi, talks about various experiences she's had related to travel, Japanese culture, and more. The way Megumi describes these adventures is story-like, with background music to accompany her anecdotes and detailed accounts. She speaks slowly and clearly, which is good for those who are just beginning to listen to content that's entirely in Japanese. The targeted audience for this podcast is around the intermediate level.

    For listeners who would like to follow along with the dialogue, there are also transcripts on Megumi's website. At the end of these transcripts, there are English translations for some of the more advanced vocabulary. The episodes are around 5 minutes in length, so they're quick listens if you want to give them a go.