LIVE JapaNews24 ~日本のニュースを24時間配信

    live japanews24

    JapaNews24 is a livestreaming news station operated by All-Nippon News Network, or ANN, which is run by TV Asahi Corporation. It uses video clips already made for the Japanese TV news stations and reports what's going on in Japan regarding various things, including politics, natural disasters, crime, trends, and so on.

    The pros of this station are that you can listen to natural Japanese news reports anytime, anywhere, and learn about hot topics in Japan. Listening to the language spoken at a natural speed is really good practice to enhance your listening skills, even if you don't always understand it perfectly.

    One of the cons is that you cannot pause and rewind the show to figure out the part you weren't able to catch. So, if you are the type of person who wants to understand every single word by listening to material over and over again, this might not be a good resource for you. However, if you just want to expose yourself to natural speaking in Japanese, or if you are an advanced learner looking for an outlet for Japanese news you can learn from, this station will definitely do its job!