Learn Japanese with Manga

    Learn Japanese with Manga is a YouTube channel where you can learn vocabulary and grammar used in different Japanese comic books. The videos are made by a Japanese YouTuber, Naoto. He introduces different selections of comic books which target learners of different Japanese levels. The titles of each video indicate the level of the Japanese taught in the video.

    In each episode, the list of vocabulary that Naoto covers appears on the left side of the screen. This list includes English translations and kanji readings, as well as the manga page number and location of the page where each word comes from. Naoto explains not only the meanings of the words used in the comic books, but also how to use these words in real life conversations. He also teaches different expressions and vocabulary that have the same meaning as the ones used in the comic books. Naoto mostly speaks Japanese in the video, but each video includes Japanese subtitles as well, making the videos accessible even if you struggle with listening.

    You might wonder if you need to purchase comic books to study with his videos, and the answer is no! Naoto provides a link to the trial reading of the comic book introduced in each video. There is also a link to his website, where you can find the transcript and word list used in each episode. If you are a manga lover, we highly recommend you subscribe to this channel.