There's a lot of vocabulary to memorize for Japanese students. Luckily, there's a lot of great options to help with this, through SRS apps like Anki or WaniKani. Many students love the flexibility of Anki to make whatever flashcards they need, but the convenience of WaniKani to force input to check your answers, and not have to fuss with the at-times complicated settings of Anki. But wouldn't it be great if there was a middle ground? Enter is a new SRS-based flashcard app that combines the flexibility of Anki with the convenience of WaniKani. After registering for an account, users can make their own decks to study from, or download other user's decks, just like with Anki. While can be used for a variety of topics, it was specifically designed for Japanese learners, which makes it especially convenient. Learners can load in books or videos and subtitles directly into the site, so that cards can be created from whatever native material you're practicing with. Additionally, users can look up new words in the dictionary, and make cards from there. There’s even an app to study on the go!

    Once you have a deck going, studying is very similar to what you might be used to on WaniKani, though of course any mnemonics or helpful info comes only from what you choose to add. For Japanese learners who are already using WaniKani, but want to add new words to their study queue from the native materials they're practicing with, is a great choice to supplement.

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