Kisslingo is a new app that aims to teach Japanese by focusing on word order only. "No grammar! Fun and Easy!" they boast on the app's page.

    But this app isn't for beginners.

    Each set of lessons is broken up into small phrase lessons. You're presented with the English, kana (labeled furigana), and fragments (which show what each word or phrase means on its own). Then, you need to match the correct order from a Japanese word bank.

    example of kisslingo japanese quiz question

    Audio is provided for the entire phrase or sentence, and slower, drawn out audio plays when choosing your answer order. As you choose each piece of your answer, the next piece of the phrase is highlighted in red. If you complete the phrase correctly, you'll be marked "correct" and move on, and if you get it wrong, the phrase goes back into your queue.

    By focusing on how to use and say these phrases common to certain verbs, the hope is that speaking Japanese will come easier than with traditional methods.

    The app covers some basic verbs, adjectives, nouns, and common contextual grammar like verb + たい and noun + かもしれない. Once you've completed a set of new phrases, they can be practiced under the "Random" tab.

    The goal of the app is to get users to reach the intermediate speaking stage faster, but kanji and kana are definitely a prerequisite for this app. The audio itself is quite good, and the phrases are basic ones found in common Japanese.

    Hopefully the app will improve its style and formatting as they continue to work on it, and offer more content, options for reviews, and a way for beginners to get into this method. As it stands, I'm not really sure who the app's audience is, so I hope they find it.

    P.S. A big thank you to Adriano, who sent Kisslingo in!

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