Kanjigrid for RTK

    kanjigrid for rtk

    Students working their way through James Heisig's Remembering the Kanji now have a convenient grid to track and visualize their progress. Everyone else gets a neat kanji exploration tool.

    Kanjigrid is a new web app that lists all the kanji from RTK in order. You set the number of kanji you've learned through the system and how many you intend to learn each day. This highlights the kanji you know, and gives you a list of daily target kanji on the right-hand side. The result is a visualization of your progress, encouraging you to keep pressing forward.

    But there are other features too. Searching for kanji and radical names (the ones used in RTK) will highlight all the kanji that use them, and you get on'yomi/kun'yomi readings and sample vocabulary too.

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