Kaizen Languages

    kaizen languages

    Available as a mobile app communication service, this program allows users to speak with Japanese AI robots (yes, robots are replacing humans). Each character has their own set of unique qualities such as a profession, hobbies, and even an image of what they look like. If you're someone who feels uncomfortable or dislikes face-to-face interaction with another person, this could be the app for you.

    Similar to a verbal instant messaging system, holding down the voice recording button while speaking will cause it to type out what you are saying. The AI will respond to you if it can recognize your sentence. There are some suggestions on how to reply to the character. We noticed however that if you deviate too far from these suggestions, the bot will not be able to understand you.

    Similar to other programs, there is a placement test in the beginning that asks about your speaking and reading ability. As you progress through conversations, you will be granted points and awards. There are also language-related notes that appear during the conversations.

    This app was recommended to us by Kinetic Meow. There are one, three, six, and twelve-month subscription options.

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