JpLaunch is a YouTube channel that teaches grammar, vocabulary, and listening based on JLPT level, as well as kanji writing. Typically, their videos use only simple graphics, text, and sometimes memes, with no faces shown. This is one of the few channels run by a native Japanese speaker that teaches N5 grammar, along with their "Basic Japanese for Beginners" series.

    The videos tend to be between fifteen and thirty-minutes long, with an in-depth look at each topic. The narration can be a bit monotone, but the explanations are still very clear and understandable. JpLaunch's greatest strength is in systematically breaking things down slowly in a way that's not too overwhelming.

    Since the videos are on the longer side, this means they're also able to showcase several different variations of the same grammar point. Their content is so detailed that you could probably use this channel as one of your main grammar resources. So if you prefer a slow, thorough, visually minimalistic teaching style, definitely check out JpLaunch.