Jisho Pitcher

    Jisho Pitcher adds pitch accent information to everyone's favorite online dictionary: Jisho.org. If you're not familiar with it, pitch accent refers to the how particular words are pronounced in Japanese. A famous example is the word hashi, which can mean bridge (橋) or chopsticks (箸), depending on the intonation pattern (the rising and falling of your voice) as you pronounce the word. In all honesty, pitch accent is not very important for being understood in Japanese, which is why it's seldom taught in classrooms. However, learning about it is valuable if you aim to sound more native-like.

    jisho pitcher

    Do you see how「はし」at the bottom of the entry has red lines going up and down like a stair step? Those lines represent intonation; high-to-low for 箸 (chopsticks). Having this pop up in your Jisho searches is a really nice add-on to have, so take a second to download this extension!

    Pitch Accent
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