Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot

    jimmy the true story of a true idiot

    Ahh, Gaki no Tsukai. One of the best television shows of all time. The long-awaited release to US audiences… ah 違う、すまん。

    Gaki no Tsukai isn't coming to Netflix (how dare you, Netflix, do it already you cowards), but a dramatized "documentary" of sorts about frequent cast member Hideaki "Jimmy" Onishi did come out. It's called "Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot."

    Before you rush over to Netflix, beware!

    This show is very "on brand" for the kind of humor Gaki no Tsukai is known for. It's dirty and childish and inappropriate and sometimes just plain gross. Now that that's over with…

    Jimmy is a show about a really simple guy who has trouble understanding many basic things. It centers around his misunderstandings, and the antics that occur around him and the other comedians.

    You can use these simple conversations, mistakes, and antics to your advantage. When Jimmy is told:

    He actually licks the floor after each wipe, because, well, that's what he was told to do. Technically.

    The show has English and Japanese subtitles, so if you miss a joke, it's easy to switch between languages to check. And you can learn a lot about Jimmy's life and laugh a lot while you learn.