Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com YouTube Channel

    Pairing with their extremely popular podcast series, JapanesePod101 also offers an extensiveYouTube channel catalog, featuring hours upon hours of Japanese language-learning content. 

    It's hard to overstate just how much content is available here, and the sheer range. To call their catalog "scattershot" would be the understatement of the year (well maybe not quite, but it's a lot!) As I'm writing, JapanesePod101 has 3 different livestreams currently going, and sorting their videos by "most viewed" will show you a bunch of Japanese children's songs, as well as a video promising to teach you all the basics of Japanese in its four-hour runtime, or an eight-hour video that they suggest playing to learn while you sleep. For anyone familiar with JapanesePod101's podcast, this all might sound familiar.

    Despite allll that, there are a lot of useful videos there. JapanesePod101 certainly doesn't shy away from long videos. They've got an hour-long video covering all hiragana and another covering all katakana characters, plus hours and hours of listening comprehension or conversation practice videos that are super helpful. Additionally, there are other helpful videos mixed in, like their "Ask a Japanese Teacher" series.

    Overall, JapanesePod101 has a lot of content — maybe too much! While a lot of their videos are helpful, there are a lot of videos that cover the same sorts of beginner-level content again and again, or videos that just aren't so useful. Even so, through their guides to kana, particles, and listening comprehension videos, JapanesePod101 offers a lot to a student just trying to get the basics down. Just don't expect to go to bed and wake up fluent anytime soon.