Japanese with Shun

    japanese with shun

    Japanese with Shun is a Japanese podcast series focused on providing listening practice that’s accessible to beginners. It accomplishes this in a few ways. For one, Shun speaks slowly and clearly, often pausing after particles to give learners a chance to think and parse what they’ve just heard. Secondly, he’s very thoughtful about constraining his speech to use mostly grammar points from the Genki 1 & 2 beginner textbook series, meaning almost any Japanese learner can enjoy.

    Shun, like many other Japanese language learning podcasters, is also a Japanese teacher, offering lessons via iTalki, as well as a series of YouTube videos and other related content. For Japanese learners, this lets you know how accustomed he is to teaching.

    Episodes are released once-weekly, and most clock in between 5-10 minutes. While this is fairly short, the large back-catalog means you won’t soon run out of episodes to listen to. For beginners looking for a fun, interesting, and level-suited podcast, Japanese with Shun is a great choice.