Japanese with Shun

    japanese with shun

    Japanese with Shun is a YouTube channel run by, you guessed it, a Japanese man named Shun. He does various kinds of videos, but most of his recent content consists of podcasts, vlogs, and JLPT-specific listening practice videos. His Japanese is easy to follow and he makes sure to speak clearly. His target audience appears to be beginner and intermediate learners of Japanese, roughly in the JLPT N5 to N3 range.

    Besides his podcast videos, most of his other content comes with subtitles (both the native Japanese and an English translation), which makes for great listening practice. You can also check the subtitles if you are unsure of something he said. An additional appealing point about Shun's videos are his Genki dialogues. These are dialogues taken from the Genki Japanese textbook series and recorded with translations by Shun himself. They can be particularly useful for anyone currently going through the Genki textbook.