Japanese with Anime

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    Japanese with Anime (and kanji with manga) is a blog started in 2016 to help teach a wide range of Japanese language and cultural topics that might pop up in watching anime or reading manga. Have you ever been reading a manga, and suddenly see something you don't quite understand? Why did a flower grow out of that character's head? Why did they cut to a character somewhere else sneezing? These and many more are examples of some common tropes that appear in anime and manga, but might be foreign to native English speakers. Thankfully, Japanese with Anime is here to help! Over the years, they've created a blog with a large archive, chronicling many of these Japanese tropes in rich articles filled with examples, variations, references, history, and more. For manga or anime fans, it's really a treasure trove of references, broadening your cultural understanding. And it doesn't stop there: Japanese with Anime also covers a wide range of grammatical topics, including difficult ones such as first-person pronouns, godan verbs, and more.

    Japanese with Anime is a great blog, not only for anime and manga fans looking for some insight into something in media they didn't understand, but also for any Japanese language learner looking for some thorough explanations with lots of samples from native material.