Japanese Tomato

    japanese tomato

    With only 14 videos as of the publication of this article, this small YouTube channel has garnered over 85 thousand subscribers and over a million views on their very first video alone. Japanese Tomato videos are simple Japanese lessons that usually cover a single topic such as, "Colors in Japanese" or "Can You Read Hiragana in 3 Seconds (Animal Edition)." The lessons are very basic and may appeal to absolute beginners. After content is presented, you will usually be given a practice session to use what you have just learned. Watching one or two of these short video lessons may be a good way to supplement learning.

    While these videos are not amazingly revolutionary, nor outstanding in the visual effects department, the channel manages to get thousands of views on each one. Commenters really seem to enjoy the pace of each video lesson and are generally happy to have learned something new. There are only a handful of videos published, but the channel seems to update regularly.