Japanese Phonetics by Dogen

    japanese phonetics by dogen

    For Japanese learners, one of the biggest stumbling blocks can be pronunciation, pitch-accent, and overall phonetics. As Japanese and English operate on entirely different phonetic schemes, it's not as simple as mapping the pronunciation style you're familiar with to Japanese words. Luckily, Dōgen has got you covered.

    Dōgen, known for his comedy sketches about life in Japan, has created a video course series on patreon, covering almost all aspects of Japanese phonetics such as pronunciation, pitch accent, and more. The course is deeply researched, with an extensive bibliography, and tons of native recordings to practice from. Dōgen offers both theoretical advice to keep in mind, as well as practical tips that can improve your pronunciation immediately.

    There aren't many other options for English learners looking for Japanese phonetics resources, but thankfully Dōgen's course is so thorough, you won't miss them. For the simple subscription fee, Dōgen has everything a Japanese learner will need to take their pronunciation to the next level.

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