Japanese Number Converter

    japanese number converter

    Sometimes numbers are hard, especially numbers in a language you're trying to learn. Numerals are great, because they're the same in every language, but what if you need to write a really big number in kanji or say it out loud, and you aren't sure if you're right?

    This little website will convert any number from 1 to 999,999,999 into kanji, hiragana, and romaji.

    It's as simple as that. But for people who have trouble with numbers and math, sometimes you just need to double check your work, you know?

    Plus, now you know that 999,999,999 in kanji is:

    Kanji: 九億九千九百九十九万九千九百九十九
    Hiragana: きゅうひゃくきゅうじゅうきゅうまんきゅうせんきゅうひゃくきゅうじゅうきゅう
    Romaji: kyuu hyaku kyuu juu kyuu man kyuu sen kyuu hyaku kyuu juu kyuu