Japanese Lookup Helper

    japanese lookup helper

    This is a handy little project by Glenn Sun that makes searching Jisho and ALC a little easier by giving you both in one page.

    You can look up any pesky words you want on both sites, to find English definitions, sentences, and usage examples, without opening two tabs. There's also a clearable search history on the right side that you can use to keep track of what you've searched for recently.

    japanese lookup helper study resource

    In addition, there's an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) dictionary that can be used with pictures of text, with varying degrees of accuracy. It certainly works better with kanji taken from a nice, legible computer font (as opposed to a picture of a street sign or a page from a manga).

    All it needs is about five more panes with five more dictionaries, and we'll never need to open more than two tabs again.