Japanese for Busy People

    japanese for busy people

    The title, Japanese for Busy People, may sound like it's aimed at you, the busy student with so much on their plate. However, Japanese for Business People might be a more suitable name, because it's aimed at career professionals, not students.

    As long as you get the Kana Version of this textbook (there is an all-romaji version), you'll learn some valuable things. Each chapter introduces target grammar and vocab gradually, so it's never dumped on you all at once. And at the end of each chapter, there's a quiz you can use to self-evaluate.

    The audio CD is included so you get listening and speaking practice too. If you've started your career, the dialogues, being business-y, will be more relevant than classroom-oriented ones found in other textbooks. And unlike Genki, there's an answer key in the back so you can check your work.

    An interesting quirk: there's no kanji at all in this book. I guess they named it "Kana Version" for a reason. This isn't a huge problem if you're learning your kanji with WaniKani, but it can become irritating to read all kana paragraphs when you're used to kanji.

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