Immersely is a website designed to help language learners do exactly what the name suggests — immerse! With a curated archive of videos, convenient subtitle and dictionary system, and built-in flashcard review, Immersely makes immersing in native content easy.

    Upon signing up for an account, you're given the option to pick from three languages, including Spanish, German, and of course Japanese. There, you're brought to the explore page, which might be very familiar to other video recommendation pages such as on YouTube or Netflix. From there, you can sort videos by difficulty or category. Videos also have a number of stars listed next to them, but rather than a rating system, this is part of how Immersely tracks your "experience points" to get to the next level.

    Clicking on a video will take you to the player. Immersely has their own video controls, which allow you to jump from subtitle to subtitle, among other things, but there's also an option to show the YouTube controls, which can be handy for turning off the YouTube subtitles to use only the Immersely subtitles, for example. The video is shown on the left side of the screen, and on the right side is a list of all the subtitles shown. These also show up on the video itself exactly as you'd expect. Hovering over a word in the subtitle gives you a definition, and clicking a word adds it to your flashcard reviews. These definitions are mostly good, though they don't always match how a term is being used in the context of the sentence, so be aware.

    The flashcard review is very simple, but gets the job done. When reviewing, you're given the option to pass or fail recalling a term, however the flashcards are smart enough to show you the clip the word came from, and the sentence for context.

    Immersely definitely still seems like it's a work in progress, but it's off to a promising start. Hopefully the video library will grow, and more development will help smooth out some of the rough edges, but it's already a great option to get more exposure to native Japanese with tools to make retention easy.

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