Human Japanese

    human japanese

    Made by the same people who brought us Satori Reader, the Human Japanese apps are basically digital textbooks for Japanese, or as they call it, your "personal sensei in a box." There is an app for beginners and then an intermediate-level version. The beginner version boasts over 500 pages of content and around 800 example sentences, with breakdowns of each word and particle to boot! When teaching kana and kanji, there are stroke order animations, and plenty of example words as well.

    The lessons in this app are truly worded and organized like a textbook. You will find lessons related to food, school, geography, health, work, and the weather. Major grammar points are included as well, including lessons on verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjugations, counting, particles, and more. At the end of each lesson, you can find review quizzes. By default, you cannot move on to the next chapter until you have passed a chapter review quiz, but you can change this in the settings.

    The overall design of the app is sleek and nice, but can feel a little dated to some seeing as it was originally created over a decade ago. Some pages are a little intimidating because of their word count, which some may find annoying. And there are no romaji to help you out; the app assumes you will learn hiragana and katakana. So if this kind of electronic textbook is just what you're looking for, then Human Japanese may be for you. For readers looking to give it a try, they offer a lite version free of charge.

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