How to Sound Intelligent in Japanese A Vocabulary Builder

    photo of the how to sound intelligent in japanese book on a table

    The majority of Japanese-learning resources out there cover only the basics of the language. If you want to know highly-specialized terms and lingo in Japanese, look no further than Charles De Wolf's How to Sound Intelligent in Japanese. This tiny book has seven chapters packed full of word lists and explanations for areas such as philosophy, politics, fine arts, technology, and even law.

    While you won't be learning grammar or verb conjugations, you will have a comprehensive list of useful terms that you may encounter in a Japanese college classroom or textbook. That being said, if you do not plan on going to college in Japan, writing or reading essays in Japanese, or involving yourself in high-brow discussions while in the country, then maybe this book isn't for you. In fact, it could actually be simply thought of as a reference book or writing guide rather than a traditional textbook.

    If you are interested in some high-level topics in Japanese, then go ahead and get this book. It appears to be especially useful for university students studying in Japan who are at the intermediate level or above. See the full review here.

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