Hiragana Pixel Party

    While this game isn't actually "new," it is new to the Nintendo Switch. Hiragana Pixel Party is a pixel art rhythm game that helps you practice hiragana and katakana. While it shouldn't take you long to learn, sometimes knowing is different from "knowing well enough to use it."

    There are multiple worlds, missions, and types of gameplay to make sure you not only recognize kana, but that you know it inside and out. You don't want your little character to die because it didn't jump or hit the right kana character, right?

    The game also gets pretty difficult, pretty fast. You'll really have to know your stuff to keep up. But if you manage to master the game and complete all the levels, you'll know your kana is top-notch.

    For those who haven't gotten their hands on a Switch yet, it's been available on Steam for a while. But you'll have to pay more for the Deluxe edition, if you want everything that's available on the Switch version.

    Nintendo Switch