Hanasaki Japan

    Hanasaki Japan is both an Instagram page and a YouTube channel, produced by two women with the memorable names Hana and Saki. On Instagram, Hana and Saki post short snippets, each of which gives an example of the real-world usage of a word. The words that are featured are useful for everyday conversation and include some slang. There are also subtitles, so you can follow along at the bottom of the screen.

    Although there aren't as many YouTube videos, Hana and Saki do release them every so often, and they correspond with some of their other content. The YouTube videos have subtitles in English and Japanese, which reflect most of what is said. These videos are longer than the Instagram videos, because they go into more detail and give extra examples.

    I will likely follow the Instagram page as a way to learn new words, or see examples of word usage while scrolling through my feed. I think it'd be challenging as a beginner learner to practice with Hanasaki Japan, as there isn't much translational help on their Instagram page, but their page would likely be most beneficial for an intermediate learner.