Fuji Family / バイリンガルファミリー

    Fuji Family/バイリンガルファミリー (bilingual family) is a YouTube channel which features a family of three traveling around different parts of Japan. Although you likely can’t travel anywhere far for the time being, you can still have some virtual travel experiences with the Fuji Family.

    In this family, the mother is from Ireland and the father is Japanese. Both parents know Japanese and English and talk to their bilingual son, Sean, in both languages during the segments.

    The videos have a very natural and comforting element to them. The camera, held by the father, follows the mother and son around while they do various sightseeing activities. Videos on their channel are released pretty frequently, about once a week. The videos include both English and Japanese subtitles. If you're looking for a slower-paced, calming resource, you'll want to check this channel out.