Followers is a semiautobiographical Netflix series directed by popular Japanese photographer and movie director Mika Ninagawa. One of the two main characters of the show, Limi, is a photographer who has gone through struggles as a female professional in Japan. The story also follows an aspiring actress, Natsume. It describes the lifestyle of women in modern-day Tokyo, and how today's young people are affected by social media.

    Although the speech style occasionally sounds a bit forced or poetic in a theatrical way depending on the scene or character, the language used in this series is relatively natural overall. There are a lot of side characters, and you can enjoy listening to different people with unique personalities. Many of the minor characters are also well-known celebrities, so if you are familiar with Japanese pop culture, you may recognize some of them!

    Mika Ninagawa is known for her distinctive sense of vibrant colors. If you are interested in art and fashion, this show is worth checking out as a piece of art, even setting the Japanese learning aside. Since the story mainly revolves around the media and entertainment industry, it may not be relatable for everyone. However, it is still exciting and inspiring to learn about different women's perspectives and how they are changing in contemporary Tokyo.