Fluent Forever

    fluent forever

    Fluent Forever is a program for language learning through personalized flashcard creation and a spaced repetition system (SRS) to attain the goal of “forever” memorization. The system was created by piecing together various effective methods the founder came across and was later made into a popular book. Now that they have an iOS app and the Japanese program, we needed to check it out!

    In this program, there are four steps to learning. These are pronunciation lessons, learning vocabulary through images, learning grammar, and practicing with native tutors (currently in development). In designing flashcards, you can choose a photo that best fits with the phrase on the flashcard or you can select one from your camera roll. There is also a learning schedule of tasks to do each day, such as "Complete 20 grammar flashcards" so you know what's on your agenda for the day. The "running streak" indicator as well as the "known word count" may also help to keep you motivated.

    This app is probably most beneficial for beginner learners because you're introduced to the language through short informational videos. Also, the images may be helpful for visual learners. I think advanced learners may have a tougher time of jumping in and finding a good balance of learning new content and practicing what they know. I'm eager to see where the program goes with access to native tutoring practice one day.

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