フェルミ研究所, or FermiLab in English, is a YouTube channel in which you can watch videos about trivia and funny events that happen in people's lives. They have been making their videos since 2017, constantly adding new content.

    Their recent videos are mostly comics with audio narration, which have become famous for their quality. Some of the topics they have covered are "tips to tell if a girl likes you," "the upsides and downsides of living in Tokyo," and "things to be careful about when getting a ride in someone's car." These comics are made for Japanese people, so they'll provide you with interesting insights into Japanese culture, society, and perspectives.

    The Japanese they use in their videos is relatively easy and particularly useful for daily conversations. The audio narration helps you understand the characters' lines and narration. Most of their comics are short stories, which you can read in five minutes, so it's perfect for studying Japanese in your spare time.