Comprehensible Japanese

    Comprehensible Japanese makes learning easy to understand through videos that explore various topics for beginner and intermediate learners. The video creator, Kimura Yuki, has a substantial following on YouTube, despite having started only seven months ago. She also has a website by the same name, with even more videos, and transcripts to go along with them. The transcripts are in Japanese but have three different types, so you can choose the one most suitable for your level — furigana with spaces, regular furigana, and no furigana at all. On the site, you can have access to special members-only videos for a small monthly fee. The great thing is you can see a lot of her videos for free first, and if they are something you want to delve deeper into, you can get the subscription.

    Each video is around five minutes in length. The topics range from Japanese history, culture, personal stories, and basic lessons. Yuki uses simple drawings and pictures to illustrate her points. She speaks slowly and clearly, repeating important words and using synonyms. Because she speaks entirely in Japanese, and there are no English transcripts, this may be challenging for absolute beginners. We think it's the perfect level for relative beginners who have already done some studying or intermediate learners.