CicoJapanese is the name of a channel where the host, Cico, teaches casual Japanese phrases. You can access her content on most social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Depending on which platform you choose, the content is slightly different. On Twitter, for instance, Cico seems to be more active. You can get more of a glimpse of her lifestyle, sometimes featuring videos or photos of Kyoto where she lives, or of her family's activities.

    The videos that Cico creates are all relatively short, clocking in at around 45 seconds. The content is always pretty helpful and includes topics like textbook versus real Japanese usage, and different ways to say the same thing in Japanese. Cico is energetic and fun, which makes her videos enjoyable to watch. Her adorable daughter is often featured in her videos as well.

    The content is probably best for beginner to intermediate Japanese learners, and is especially helpful for those who want to practice more natural ways to speak conversational Japanese. She also offers group lessons, and you can reach out to her for more information. Have fun scrolling and learning!