Update: Sadly, this resource is no longer available.

    Have you ever finished watching a show or movie in Japanese and realized you didn't really take in or learn anything new? You got the gist, you enjoyed what you watched, but you weren't able to really break down the dialogue or pick up any new words or grammar. The Caterpillar app aims to change this passive approach to learning with shows and movies and help you turn it into active, SRS based educational material.

    With the Caterpillar app, you are able to upload the video and subtitle files for movies, TV shows, music videos, (any video you like!) and it automatically breaks that video into replayable segments. You can change the speed, quiz and rate yourself, and set certain sections to come back more often so that you can focus on them more. Active learning and the use of SRS (Spaced Repetition Systems) are some of the best ways to learn a language, especially if you aren't able to use that language naturally in your everyday life. Not all of us can live in Japan and chat it up all day, you know?

    The best part is this isn't just for one language or one type of video. You can use it to study from anything you have the file for. And while we, and Caterpillar, don't support finding videos illegally, there are plenty of ways to find videos of the language you want to learn and then actively learn from them with this app. Want to learn Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian? No problem. Use Spongebob to learn them all. Nothing is stopping you now.

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