An Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Onomatopoeic Expressions

    photo of the an illustrated dictionary of japanese onomatopoeic expressions book on a table
    Update: This book is no longer available. Check out the new book, 日本語擬態語辞典 instead — It's a revised version published by a different publisher.

    Japanese has a lot of onomatopoeic expressions – words that represent sound effects, animal noises, or even abstract concepts and feelings. Surprisingly, there are few resources out there to help learners of Japanese get these words down. An Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Onomatopoeic Expressions is one of the few books on the topic. Not only does it provide a list of common onomatopoeia along with their definitions, but it also provides an entertaining, easy-to-understand illustration for each one.

    From beginners to advanced learners of Japanese, anyone can get something out of this book. Definitions are provided in both English and Japanese along with some notes on word origins at times. It is organized well, containing 181 onomatopoeia and their breakdowns. And while 181 is certainly a lot, it's not all-encompassing. See the full review here.

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