An Illustrated Dictionary of Japanese Onomatopoeic Expressions

    an illustrated dictionary of japanese onomatopoeic expressions

    While it doesn't go into usage like Jazz Up Your Japanese, this dictionary of onomatopoeia is a great resource for beginners to learn new words with pictures. Other than a short bilingual (Japanese-English side-by-side) explanation of its contents and a few general concepts, the book is limited to drawings with onomatopoeia captions.

    Each illustration has the onomatopoeia in romaji underneath. Next to that are the possible pronunciations (A, B, or C types, explained in the introduction). There is also a short English definition and explanation of the word, the Japanese word, and a Japanese explanation. And if a particular word comes from a verb, the verb is listed with a small star indicator as well.

    Good for beginners and great for intermediates, this book helps you learn fun words in fun ways, taking away all the seriousness of a typical dictionary or reference book. It also requires much less knowledge to start than Jazz Up Your Japanese. Though there is a lack of usage and grammar information, it is still a helpful supplement for beginners to learn these mimetic words.

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