Alice in Borderland

    Based on the Haro Aso's manga of the same name, the first season of this Netflix series was released in December 2020 and it proved so popular that a second season was announced just two weeks later. It's a tense, stylish drama, set in a surrealistic version of Tokyo. The series follows avid gamer Arisu, who finds himself trapped with his two best friends inside a hellish real-life video game. Just a word of warning: pretty much every episode contains graphic violence and this show is definitely not recommended for under 18s, or anyone looking for a relaxing experience!

    The dialogue consists overwhelmingly of very casual spoken Japanese, with some computerized voices giving game instructions in polite language. The speaking pace is generally fast and the characters often mumble or shout, making it often hard to catch what they're saying. This show will therefore be most helpful as a resource for learners with advanced listening skills.

    If you want to improve your Japanese whilst also being entertained — and you have a strong stomach — then this addictive, well-made thriller is worth checking out.