A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese

    a guide to reading and writing japanese

    A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese explains how kanji are made up into words, that there are on'yomi and kun'yomi readings, what that means and why, and how stroke order works. That's all in about 3 pages or so, and then it jumps into two big lists.

    This particular edition includes two different lists of kanji. The first being "Essential Characters," which follows the MEXT six grade system. These are the characters kids from grades 1-6 in Japanese schools are supposed to learn, called Kyōiku kanji 教育漢字きょういくかんじ.

    The second list is made up of "General-Use Characters," also known as the Jōyō kanji 常用漢字じょうようかんじ. As you've probably guessed, all of the "Essential Characters" in section one show up here too. Most (if not all) of the info in this book can be found online, but if you want a physical book to learn stroke order, it may be for you. For more details, check out Kristen's full review of A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese.

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