A Family

    ヤクザと家族, called A Family in English, is a film about the lives of modern-day yakuza. Yakuza are basically Japanese mafia members, and there are many gangs that make up the system. The movie portrays the world of yakuza, with its territorial feuds, hierarchies, rituals, and plenty of shady practices. Although originally produced in 2020, it was just released on Netflix in June, so you can check it out there.

    This thrilling, emotional, and action-packed movie follows the protagonist, Kenji, through different stages of his life. After his father dies at a relatively young age, Kenji joins the yakuza and they become his new family. His dedication to his group leads him down paths where he must act out of honor and familial pride.

    Once you start this film, you likely won't be able to stop watching it, so make sure you have two hours and fifteen minutes of your day available before you start. A Family will possibly teach you a lot about yakuza that you didn't know before. I found the lives of yakuza out in the real world, as well as how others perceive them even after becoming ex-yakuza, to be especially enlightening.