37 Seconds

    The title of this new movie, 37 Seconds, refers to the exact amount of time that the protagonist, Yuma Takada, couldn’t breathe after she was born. This lapse in oxygen left Yuma with the life-changing condition of cerebral palsy. At 23 years old, Yuma is determined to carve her own path, despite the setbacks that she faces due to others around her. Her mother, for instance, is overprotective, and regulates everything from Yuma’s clothing choices to her bathing practices. Yuma also works with an idol who profits from Yuma’s artwork without giving her due credit.

    With all of these compounding frustrations, Yuma decides to take matters into her own hands. As she begins to branch out and engage in new experiences, she finds out more about herself and her family situation. Beyond being a good chance for Japanese practice, 37 Seconds is a must-watch coming-of-age story!