Sarah Bush



    Sarah Bush is a writer, teacher, and archivist. She started studying Japanese in high school and hasn't really stopped. She lived in Tokyo for four years, where she taught English at a private girls' middle and high school and maintained a list of her favorite cafés. She now works as an archivist in St. Louis, where she brings order to boxes of papers and tries to stave off their eventual decay and demise due to the ravages of time. She enjoys tea, sewing, and drawing pictures of cats for her nieces.

    5 Articles Published

    2022-11-15 ばかり (Bakari) vs ところ (Tokoro): Two Ways to Say You "Just" Did Something
    2022-05-10 Reading 絵本 (Ehon) – Japanese Picture Books as a Japanese Learner
    2022-01-20 Japanese Vocabulary for Yoga: Movements
    2022-01-13 Japanese Vocabulary for Yoga: Body Parts
    2022-01-06 Learn by Doing! Start Your Japanese Yoga Journey