So far I’ve written about my Top 10 Strange Japanese Movies, Horror Films, and Dramas. I’ve been writing quarterly anime roundups for a while now, but no top 10 anime list. Until now. And I realize that many of these titles will probably be familiar to all of you, but they each hold a special place in my heart and played a big part in my love and interest in all things anime. It’s a very personal list, so I’m sure not all of you will agree with these picks. These aren’t the top 10 picks for everyone, they are the top 10 picks for me.

10. Dragon Ball Z

DBZEveryone knows DBZ. This show was responsible for bringing so many people into the anime fold and I was no exception. I still have a collection of DBZ VHS tapes back at my parents house from when I would go to the video store and buy a new tape with my allowance.

Going back and watching DBZ today, I am sure that I would not enjoy it so much if it were my first viewing of the show. However, DBZ has such an incredible amount of nostalgic value and importance in my anime journey, so there is no way that I could not include it on this list.

Who should watch this show: People who have never seen anime before or are below the age of 18 probably. Or you just wanna feel like a kid again.

9. Love Hina

Love-HinaLove Hina might not have as wide a recognition as DBZ, but I’m fairly certain a lot of people have at least heard of it. It’s a goofy harem type anime with tons of ridiculous situations. The main character finds himself living with a bunch of girls all under one roof while he studies hard to get into Tokyo University and meet the girl of his childhood dreams.

As with DBZ, I’m pretty sure that this is another one I wouldn’t enjoy quite as much if I were watching it for the first time around today. This was the first anime I bought all the DVDs for, and also purchased all the manga for as well. As my tastes have greatly matured (for the most part) since watching Love Hina, it’s kind of embarrassing, but this show is important to me.

Who should watch this show: People who like traditionally well done harem type anime with goofy humor and ridiculous situations.

8. Sword Art Online

Sword-Art-OnlineSAO is about people who get trapped inside a MMO and have to beat the game to escape. If they die in the game, they die in real life too. This was a really interesting premise and everything was very strong from the storytelling to the animation to the sound and music.

SAO was great. Really great. For the first half. The second half was kind of a big disappointment for me. SAO was one of the few shows these past years that I’ve actually been excited about and watched all the way through. I wasn’t expecting the transition halfway through the show but it was almost like a whole new show the second half. I didn’t like it, but I had to see it through to the end. The first half was great – the second half was not.

Who should watch this show: People who can stomach a disappointing second half in exchange for an awesome first half. Also those that enjoy great action and interesting characters in a really cool digital world.

7. Wolf’s Rain

Wolfs-RainThis show is about four lone wolves (who can also take on human form) and their search for Paradise. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this show and I only watched it through once, but I remember liking it a lot. I just remembered them getting into really cool situations and always being excited to start the next episode.

After I “graduated” from shows I could purchase in American stores such as DBZ and Love Hina, I hungered for what else was out there. I wanted stuff I couldn’t find in America. I started buying very poorly translated DVDs online. This was one of them. The subs seemed like they were ran through an online translator from Japanese to Chinese, and then Chinese to English. They took some work to decipher. Wolf’s Rain reminds me of those days, and I love the show for it.

Who should watch this show: People who like wolves.

6. Berserk

berserkBerserk is an action oriented dark fantasy noted for its extreme violence. The main character Guts is an orphaned mercenary and a total badass. The show focuses on themes of isolation, camaraderie, and the whether or not humanity is fundamentally good or evil. The show is a good balance of all things.

When I first watched this show it was after renting it from Blockbuster with my best friend from high school. This was before I decided I couldn’t stand watching dubbed anime, so we watched it with English dubs. These dubs are hilarious. They even have dub outtakes at the end of each episode. It was fantastic. Berserk as a show is actually really good though. They recently released some movies retelling the story in a more updated and streamlined way and I’m really looking forward to getting around to watching those.

Who should watch this show: People who like blood and action and humor and intrigue. This show is gritty.

5. Ergo Proxy

ergo_proxyThis show is dark scifi with some psychological undertones. It takes place in a future where androids live alongside humans. Machines start to become self aware and start causing trouble and then there is also the emergence of humanoid beings known as Proxies. These Proxies are god-like and are said to hold the key to the survival of mankind.

The first time I tried to watch this show, I didn’t like it. I only watched the first episode or two I think, but when I came back to it a second time, I ended up really really enjoying the show. I think I might have been too young to appreciate it the first time I tried to watch it or maybe I was in a bad mood or something. Either way, this show was really enjoyable. I feel like I definitely need to give this series a second full viewing sometime soon.

Who should watch this show: People who like awesome female leads, scifi, and mystery.

4. Xam’d: Lost Memories

xamdThe show starts off normal enough until the main character is caught in an explosion on a bus and a strange foreign entity enters his body causing him to gain the ability to transform into a Xam’d. His old friends are now afraid of him but he gets an offer to travel on an airship with some new friends and go on lots of adventures and get into lots of battles.

This show features music from Boom Boom Satellites (one of my favorite Japanese bands), so that’s pretty awesome. The show itself is really good too and I was really surprised at how much I ended up liking it. The animation and the colors are all really pretty and impressive. I don’t feel like this show is particularly deep in meaning, it’s just a whole lot of fun.

Who should watch this show: People who like pretty colors and great action in an intriguing setting.

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon-Genesis-EvangelionI feel like these last three here most people will know about, but Evangelion is about kids who have to pilot Evas to defeat alien beings known as angels who are trying to end the world more or less. It’s much more complicated and layered though, with lots of character development and interaction. Many themes are addressed and I get something new from it every time I watch.

Evangelion. Man, this show was a turning point for me. This show showed me how mature anime could really get and how much it could affect me. I absolutely loved the ending of this series. My best friend hated it. I didn’t understand how he couldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did. All the cerebral nonsense and crazy thinking happening was just too awesome for words.

Actually, the top three for this list are more or less tied for first. I really like all of them and all three are really deep and layered and crazy. It’s really hard for me to rank one over the other here.

Who should watch this show: People who like having their brains exploded.

2. Death Note

death-noteThis show should be familiar, but it’s about a high school kid named Light who finds the notebook of a Death God and it grants him the power to kill anyone as long as he knows their name and face. He takes full advantage of this power and starts shaping the world as he sees fit by killing off criminals. His father is a police officer investigating the murders Light is causing, so things get pretty crazy.

I love these kinds of shows. So many times Light gets himself into impossible situations and always manages to find a way out and the reveal on what he does is always brilliant. It’s so cool. This is one of the shows I make my non-anime watching friends watch and not one of them has disliked it. This show is awesome. I actually had really low expectations before watching this show and Death Note just blew me away with how good it was.

Who should watch this show: People who enjoy amazingly intricate situations circumvented by an ingenious high school kid in the most entertaining of ways.

1. Code Geass

code-geassThis show takes place in an alternate future where the main character Lelouch makes a contract with a strange being giving him the power to command anyone to do anything, though only with direct eye contact. And, this power only works once on each person. Lelouch takes on an alter ego and fights a rebellion against the Holy Britannian Army occupying the colony of Japan.

This show has some very strong parallels to Death Note. They both star a highschooler with crazy powers who hides their identity and tries to change the world. I never felt like Code Geass was ripping off Death Note though. Even though the premise is similar, it is still very much its own show. And it is fantastic for the same reasons Death Note is and more.

Who should watch this show: People who enjoy amazingly intricate situations circumvented by an ingenious high school kid in the most entertaining of ways.

Nostalgia Overload

NostalgiaOldDaysAfter writing this post and watching the trailers for each show, I am just bursting with nostalgia right now. Maybe some of the above shows were your favorites back in the day so maybe you felt some nostalgia too. Some of the openings for these shows included above are so hilariously bad (see Berserk) but they’re special in their own way.

Writing this post made me want to watch a lot of these shows over again, especially the ones I haven’t seen for a really long time. They all mean a lot to me in their own way and for different reasons. If you’re into anime, I’m sure you understand what I mean. If you aren’t into anime, give Death Note or Code Geass a try because they’re great shows to start off with.

So tell me, how many of my top 10 have you seen? What anime shows hold a special place in your heart? Which show got you interested in anime in the first place? Share your shows and thoughts in the comments!

  • Bob

    GTO! Angel Beats!

  • Jacob S

    Those top three are exactly my top three. Great list, I might have to go back and re-watch some of these, I am feeling really nostalgic right now.


    In Ascending Order: TORADORA!; ACCEL WORLD; HANASAKU IROHA; CHAOS;HEAD; BAKEMONOGATARI; KATANAGATARI; HELLSING ULTIMATE; CHUUNIBYOU DEMO KOI GA SHITAI!; STEINS;GATE; THE MELANCHOLY OF SUZUMIYA HARUHI. I did enjoy a lot of 90s and early 00s anime, but it has been too long since I have seen them and I fear nostalgia clouds my memories of those anime. I recently started watching anime again two years ago, and these have been my favorites.

  • zoomingjapan

    A very interesting list. I’m not surprised that I don’t know all of them. I haven’t really watched any anime in the past few years, but I watched a LOT …. like far over 200 different series in my younger years.

    I was a lot in Attack No. 1 as a young teenager, followed by Sailor Moon, then Dragonball and then ….. certainly Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note (the manga was much better, though …) oh … and Monster was pretty good, too! :)
    I also liked Bastard (again the manga was much better) and The Legend of Basara.

    Kodomo no Omocha! (although the manga was better yet again … *g*)

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten about 2342039582039 series, but those are the ones who I remembered right now.

    After moving to Japan “Katekyo Hitman Reborn” was extremely popular, so I also kind of got into it … and liked it a lot! :)

    Nostalgia … I rewatched NGE after almost 14 years and it was still driving me crazy. I thought now that I’m not a teenager anymore, I’d understand it better, but NOOOOOOO!!! (T____T)

  • zoomingjapan

    Oh yes, GTO!!

    I can’t decide if I like the anime, the manga or the drama (the original one with Takashi Sorimachi) the best ^__^;


    Just finished MONSTER the other day. Damn, it was bitchin’!!!

  • Vague

    Glad to see Code Geass on the top. I’ve rewatched that show an obscene amount of times (plus, dat OP. 自分を〜♪). I haven’t seen most of the shows on this list, but I’d add “Durarara!!” and “Baccano!” as honourable mentions (and Psycho-Pass and Nichijou and…oh god, there are just too many great anime series around).

  • Genkakuzai

    A list of anime without One Piece isn’t a list of anime worth reading.

  • missingno15

    Definitely Death Note and Code Geass were similar but unique in their own way. I definitely liked Code Geass and I’ve marathoned the entire series twice so I would say thats a pretty good choice for number 1.


  • Brad Garrett

    Wolf’s Rain? More like Cry Your Face Off.

  • malydok

    The best comedy of all – Seto no Hanayome (also GTO).
    The best samurai themed anime – Rurouni Kenshin Tsuioku Hen.

    The best sports anime – Hajime no Ippo.
    To name a few more.

  • DamalSeer

    I consider Serial Experiments Lain to be my door into “adult” anime cause I would watch Sailor Moon, Knights of the Zodiac, Ronin Warriors, of course DB and DBZ, as my childhood animes.

  • Ginger

    I have seen all or part of 5 of the shows on this list. My list would include Cowboy BeeBop, Trigun, Hellsing, Full Metal Alchemist, Excel Saga, GetBackers, Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, Speed Graphler, and Ouran High School Host Club.

  • mordorfires

    Glad to see Code Geass at #1. Was worried it would just be one of the “Big 3″ but CG is definitely my all-time favorite. Out of the rest, the ones I’ve seen are great as well. Even though I didn’t personally love Death Note, I can see where other people find it so good.

  • Momo

    Code Geass is pretty much THE go to anime to kick start your addiction.

    Unsure about SAO, as I find it overhyped, and thus became overrated. I would also say it’s more to the likes of the Big 3 Shounen series than your regular novels.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Hunter x Hunter. Togashi’s writing is impeccable, and I’m really enjoying the fact that it’s under the radar among all the other Shounen Jump series. Shaman King as well, anyone? Shingeki no Kyojin also gets an honorable mention, it’s running crazy among the anime community now and it really deserves all the hype.

    In terms of Sports genre, Slamdunk. Enough said. And soccer fans should really read Giant Killing. It covers not only the team, but the elements surrounding a football club as well. Great stuff.

    One writer I really liked is Urobuchi Gen, and his recent works are really good. I don’t quite like Madoka, but Psychopass and Suisei no Gargentia are really deep, philosophical stuff, particularly in questioning Japan’s social problems. Typical Gen writing.

    Shinsekai Yori is another one. It’s not an award-winning novel for nothing. But you will have to stomach some homolust if you’re not into that kind of thing.

  • Yatieq

    Pardon my ignorance, but who is that character with blond hair and red jacket on the right? He looks to me like Hikaru from Hikaru No Go, but a lot tougher.

  • Casanters

    No Ghost in the Shell?

  • John

    Sorry, I never got into the show.

  • John

    I never got into One Piece. After high school I started favoring shows with less episodes.

  • cuups

    I agree completely with your opinion of SAO, a lot of people who read the light novels and were fans of the series before the anime loved the second half. I completely hated it but the first half was one of my favorite anime ever.

  • Dave Caughley


  • Genkakuzai

    Why in earth would you do that? The fact that there are plenty of episodes (600 as of now) I just consider a bonus, after all, there’s no one forcing you to watch more episodes a week than you have time for ^^ I truly recommend giving it a go, it is among the best animes ever, and I’ve gone through a ton of em :)

  • Applesauce 21

    What about Ouran? I know it’s soppy but that shit is hilarious!

  • SoulEaterFanatic

    What!? No Soul Eater..? C’mon, I would at least put that in the top five.
    But thanks very much, you given me a bunch of anime I have yet to see. :D

  • Tiffany Harvey

    Death Note is the best! Though I couldn’t really get into the anime after reading the manga, it was so much slower paced.

  • malydok

    Some people have lives and like to finish the shit they begin, so there.

  • Flora

    IMO, One Piece is awful for the same reasons Naruto & Bleach are – an anime studio took a perfectly awesome and interesting manga, then watered it all to hell so that it would be more suitable for younger audiences (their target demographic).

    And under no circumstances is 400+ episodes a plus or even acceptable. That’s just blatantly trying to keep the gravy train going long after the wheels fell off.

  • Genkakuzai

    It’s adorable of you assuming I have no life just because I manage to fit a 20 min episode of a series in every week, really. I believe it’s called making time for stuff, it’s something you learn as an adult. Stop assuming shit you know nothing about son.

  • mei

    You like Love Hina, so did you like Tenchi Muyo too?

  • John

    I did really enjoy Ouran but I wouldn’t say it’s one of my top 10. Top 20 though probably.

  • Genkakuzai

    Yeah I wouldn’t let any child of mine watch One Piece, that much is very clear. A tad bit too violent imho :) And seeing as it remains among the most popular animes out there, plenty of people clearly disagree with you. We’re all entitled to our own opinion though, certainly.

  • ajseguin

    one piece? :(

  • Flora

    I’ve seen every show on this list except Beserk, SAO, and Code Geass. I really liked Code Geass but never got to finish the first half (we moved to a place w/o cable mid-season)

    Personally, I would’ve added Durarara! and Samurai Champloo to the list, at least as honorable mentions. Anybody who manages to successfully blend rap and Edo-period samurai into an anime is nothing less than genius.

  • malydok


  • Genkakuzai


  • Yuume

    That is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. I honestly couldn’t get into the show that much, but it was very popular. I personally liked the remake of it better (it was closer to the manga, and I just liked the more serious tone it had to it), but it was a good show none-the-less.

  • Yuume

    I am with you. Bebop and Trigun should have been up there (in my opinion, granted those are some of the first I ever saw). Hellsing, man…If we’re talking Hellsing Ultimate, yes. I didn’t like the first one that much :[ And Ouran, I was so angry with the anime after a certain point (very close to the end though, so at least most of it was enjoyable for me).

    The rest I can get behind as well, all very well done.

  • Yuume

    Ugh, the anime was sooo…They could have done so much with it T_T but they didn’t. I liked watching it, but they did NOT develop the characters very well at all. When reading the manga, I felt very connected with and close to ALL the characters, even the secondary ones. In the anime, they hardly made that connection with the audience. And the ending. Really?

    But the hilarity was there. Especially Tamaki and Cassanova XD

  • Yuume

    Yu Yu Hakusho? Sailor Moon (not that magical girls are everyone’s thing XD)? Cowboy Bebop? Trigun? Gundam, Inu Yasha or Ranma (anything by Rumiko honestly), Tenchi Muyo, AKIRA, Ninja Scroll (those are movies though, not series…), Lupin, Cutey Honey, Dirty Pair, You’re Under Arrest, Haruhi, Stein’s Gate, Arale, Doraemon, Slam Dunk, Conan, Saint Seiya, Kenshin, Slayers, One Piece, the more recent hit, Michiko and Hatchin…

    I don’t know. When I think series to kick start people, I often give them classics from the 80’s and 90’s, and most of these (and a lot of the suggestions below) are all really recent. I don’t mind though. I just like to conserve the older animes. I guess you could liken it to the elders trying to instill old Japanese culture in the youngsters XD Sort of.

    People, DON’T FORGET TO WATCH THE OLD ANIME TOO! Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s inferior by any means!

  • Yatieq


  • koichi


  • Yuume

    I am so excited that someone recommended Slam Dunk. Even more excited that someone recommended Hunter x Hunter! Not a lot of people know of the series, anime or manga, and it stinks, because it is pretty stellar (I think so, anyway). I love most of Togashi’s works though XD (biased, maybe? haha He IS married to Takeuchi, Sailor Moon creator, and that will always be my favorite <3 )

  • Yuume

    Also, another recent one I really got into was Jellyfish Princess and Eden of the East. And how did I forget FLCL?!

  • Yuume

    And Kenshin and GTO and Chobits and BECK and a good horror genre, Boogiepop Phantom ^_^

  • Ginger

    Original Hellsing was the third anime I ever saw so it is very special to me. :-)

  • Ginger

    I love your list. I think I’m getting old because a part of me really prefers older stuff (My first shows were Trigun and Cowboy Beebop). Of course, I know there are lots of good newer shows, but the older stuff is so good too! I feel like some people don’t give it a chance because of the look, but they should.

  • Annette Corpuz Breum

    Oh, I think so many of those mentioned are worth watching. I have also seen all of the ones mentioned on the list above or part of them… I must say I love the oldies myself, like Ranma, Cowboy Bebop, or GTO, just to mention three great animes that are so different and so great in their own way. (I feel soo nostalgic right now… I really feel like watching Dragonball or Sailor Moon now >_<)

    As for a little newer shows I think Kimi ni Todoke and actually (nobody has even mentioned them:) Gurren Lagann and Baccano are really great shows. I really loved them and think especially the last two are recommendable to everyone… well it's true, there are so many good anime series, its impossible to mention them all here. But I think those two just had to be mentioned ;) (…and I just couldn't help myself mentioning Kimi ni Todoke, just because I personally l really like it)

  • Phantomeye

    I don’t know why all you people are like “This show should be in the list, and that one, and that one shouldn’t be there.” It’s John’s personal list.

    Anyways here’s mine (the ones I remember how they were, there’s lots of anime that I have no memory off any more :D ), and i must admit, it’s really hard!:

    #0 – Dragonball Z ( I wouldn’t put it on top #1-10, because It’s not that good, but I still get excited like a 12yr girl when I hear there’s new material available (DBZ Battle of gods, anyone? :D). Simple nostalgia.)
    #1 – Code Geass
    #2 – Death Note
    #3 – Full metal alchemist, I’ll count both versions as one (John, if you haven’t seen this it’s a must. Both versions!)
    #4 – Steins;Gate. I loved this thing. Maybe because I have a thing for time travel and such! :D
    #5 – Monster
    #6 – Durarara!!
    #7 -SAO
    #8 – Attack on Titan (for now it has me tingling)
    #9 – Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (This is was I really enjoyed. I hated the animation at first… but… I kinda loved it afterwards.
    #10 – Ghost Hunt (can’t remember, but I kinda liked it)

  • John

    I just like the shorter series more because most of the time I like concise shows that are really story driven and wrap everything up in one or two seasons. I don’t have anything against One Piece, I just like shows that are shorter. Also makes them a lot easier to marathon, haha.

  • John

    I think I watched maybe one episode of Soul Eater? It didn’t really grab me from what I remember.

  • John

    I did actually, lol. I remember renting them from Blockbuster.

  • John

    I never got into Durarara! but Samurai Champloo was really good.

  • ZXNova

    Code Geass is definitely a great Anime. I loved it. However, my favorite Anime is probably Clannad. They’re very close though. I also really liked Death Note as well. I also liked Kanon, and Madoka Magica. Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann was also great, and so was Steins;Gate. And Toradora… aaaaaah, so many Anime, so little time.

  • Applesauce 21

    Fair enough :D Since I’ve only seen around 5 animes, and only watched two all the way through then I’m not the best source of information XD Just, for me that is an anime that is really interesting. On one hand, it’s your typical rich guy poor girl, high school comedy which is sooooo unrealistic. But on the other hand, it is so much better than anything else in that genre!

  • Applesauce 21

    The ending! GAAAAAH!! Why :( Like, I must have spent a good two hours searching before I realised there was no second season. It’s just such an odd way to finish the series. And I’ve never read the manga! I’d really like to read it in Japanese, so I’m kind of saving myself for when I get ahold of some raw copies :) In fact, I’m going to Japan this summer, so maybe then!

  • Applesauce 21

    Yaay, more Ouran love :D

  • HokkaidoKuma

    Right there with you on your opinions about SOA. The first half was so good in the medieval-ish world, but when they transitioned to the fairy world, bleh boo! Need to keep the first world alive.

    Apparently though, they’re debating on whether or not to keep the anime going and if they do, the next two worlds seem a bit more interesting. Will just have to wait and see.

  • iamoyashiro

    Higurashi, people!!

  • iamoyashiro

    i kind of lost hope in SAO after the whole fairy thing

  • John

    I never got into Trigun, I think I watched one episode maybe. I didn’t watch too much Cowboy Bebop, but I remember renting a “best of” episode DVD of something like that and I liked that. And the movie too. Those were cool.

  • John

    Yeah, the second half was a huge disappointment coming from how great the first half was :(

  • Divyaa

    i know its childish, but pokemon?

  • JazzyAnta

    I could just about hug you to death for putting up Code Geass!! Most amazing anime that I’ve ever watched. ^^

  • John

    I really liked the GTO manga, but I never really got too into the anime for whatever reason.

  • John

    If I was making a list about the most nostalgic anime for me, Pokemon would definitely be on there, haha. And Probably Digimon, and whatever else was on basic programming when I was growing up. Cardcaptor Sakura, Yu-Gi-Oh, lol.

  • John

    It’s gonna be a while before something tops Code Geass for me!

  • Shaydo85

    Awesome list – I have only four words: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!! Haha honestly, I think I would tie Evangelion and Gurren lagann for first place; they both tell a very similar story in terms of the Earth and heroes facing a threat that could wipe them out, but Eva seems to be the dark interpretation of things/how human nature is [themes of alienation and never being able to understand one another], whereas Gurren Lagann is the light/heroic interpretation [saying that anything is possible with effort, taken to an insane degree like flinging galaxies around like frisbees]. I really like the list though and agree with a bunch of them. Need to check out Ergo Proxy. I liked Code Geass, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was a clear emulation of Death Note while I was watching it, which I had watched before. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it felt like it was just trying to recapture that same magic, but not quite matching the original

    I think my top 10 [not including anime movies] would be:

    1a [tie]. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    1b [tie]. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    3. Cowboy Bebop
    4. FLCL
    5. Death Note
    6. Wolf’s Rain
    7. Diebuster / Gunbuster
    8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    9. Usagi Drop
    10. Ghost in the Shell SAC

  • Oreh

    Sure it makes you reach for kleenex – especially towards ending.
    You should try Grave of Fireflies, and then, rewatch the Wol’fs rain…trust me, you man up after the Grave.

  • Oreh

    Strangely, I never like Inu Yasha or Ranma…Don’t know why. But I think its a matter of the taste. Rurouni Kenshin would be my top Anime.

  • Io

    I REALLY REALLY dig Bubblegum crisis, the original and Tokyo 2040, maybe even enjoy Tokyo 2040 the most of the two.
    Oh, also, DBZ, Akira, and Mononoke are what got me into Anime.

  • 古戸ヱリカ


  • 古戸ヱリカ

    Your list is very Gainax. I approve.

  • FoxiBiri

    did you even watch full metal alchemist?? @____<" ??

  • Raymond Chuang

    I’d include The Rose of Versailles, which was _enormously_ beloved in both the original manga and anime versions. The anime version is now available for the US market through Nozomi Entertainment, the anime release arm of Right Stuf.

  • Raymond Chuang

    I’ve been watching Suisei no Gargantia and you’re right, the so-called “enemies” we saw from the anime does have its equivalent in Japanese society. I’m surprised this was allowed on air, since that issue is _extremely_ touchy in Japan.

  • Raymond Chuang

    Well, there are exceptions in the anime version of One Piece. The movie “Strong World”–written by the creator of the manga, Eiichiro Oda–has been VERY well-received for its excellent storytelling.

  • Raymond Chuang

    Actually, two seasons of “Sailor Moon”–the first and the S season–are my favorites. I particularly like the S (third) season, because there was a long, long stretch of really well-written episodes in that series.

  • Phillip

    A lot of these are new to me. Don’t watch a whole lot of anime, especially not anymore.

  • Shaydo85

    Hell yeah, absolutely =]

  • Hinoema

    Nonono, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman!

  • Rashmi

    The very first anime I watched was UFO Baby. Followed by Escaflowne. And then Beyblade and Pokemon…

  • Genkakuzai

    Fair enough ^^ I still think you’re missing out though, if you find yourself with some spare time, do give it a go. I wouldn’t fight this hard for it for no reason ;)

  • John

    One of my best friends is super into it. Maybe I’ll give it another go sometime, haha.

  • John

    Like one or two episodes I think, lol

  • Genkakuzai

    Yeah, honestly it took me quite a while before I finally gave it a go myself, after much badgering from a few mates who loved it. And I can only say I don’t regret it one bit, it is truly a great anime :) The humor in particular is especially addictive. Every episode feels like catching up with a bunch of friends whom you haven’t seen in a while ^^ Even managed to get the mrs hooked, she’s now sporting a badass tattoo of one of the characters :P

  • John

    I watched maybe half of Gurren Lagann? I don’t remember it very well but for whatever reason I never really got into it.

  • Self loathing namer

    It’s blasphemy that gurren lagaan isn’t on here. Hilariously cheesy, yet you become so attached to the characters. It’s great, I would recommend it to anyone that likes anime. Even if you end up hating it, give it a try.

  • FoxiBiri

    Keep watching foo! It’ll make the list, I promise!

  • Lauren O’H

    So much nostalgia~ Death Note, Code Geass and even Dragonball Z~

    I also love Sailor Moon, Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Vampire Knight, Rozen Maiden, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Shugo Chara, Black Lagoon, Chobits, La Corda D’Oro, Ouran High School Host Club, Lucky Star, Shaman King, Pokemon, Skip Beat, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge… the list

    kinda goes on and on…

    I enjoy a mix of ‘girly’ and ‘boyish’ anime~ ^_^ ♥

  • ZXNova

    It was kind of meh to me. Though the villain of that arc just makes you wanna kill him. SAO is a nice Anime, but I kind of feel it’s getting a little too popular, personally.

  • Mariana

    hehehe Excel Saga :3

  • Mikasa-chan

    Shingeki no Kyojin… Watch it!

  • Mikasa-chan

    Epic Anime of the year.

    and…the manga is freaking awesome!

  • Pepper_the_Sgt

    Attack on Titan has been enjoyable to watch so far. I just started watching it, so I crammed in 8 episodes in a couple of days, and then I started having to wait impatiently for the new ones to come out. This is the first time I’ve ever watched an anime as it was happening, and it’s kind of grueling.

  • Pepper_the_Sgt

    John, you suck for having your own tastes!


    I don’t watch that much anime TV series. That said, Death Note is the best that I’ve watched and I frequently tell people that it is the most fantastically paced TV show I have ever seen. There is never a lull and or even a plateau. It just keeps building from episode 1 to the end.

    A few others I liked, in no particular order:

    Attack on Titan (same director as Death Note)
    Polar Bear Cafe

    Ergo Proxy looks interesting. Cowboy Bebop and Serial Experiments Lain are a couple others I want to check out. One day I’ll get around to Evangelion. I feel obligated to watch it by this point.

  • Nictwist

    Mushi-Shi belongs up here

  • John

    I’ll probably have to give it another go then.

  • John

    I hate watching anime that is currently airing, haha. Not being able to watch the next episode whenever you want is awful.

  • John

    I agree, especially since the second half is so bleh, but it’s the most recent anime I really got into (the first half) so that’s why it’s important to me.

  • John

    Haha, I’ll see what I can do.

  • John

    I think I watched the first episode but I don’t remember it all that well.

  • DeTo-13

    No rurouni kenshin? how can you look at yourself in the mirror John?, shame on you. Even though i admit after the makoto Shishi showdown (around episode 60’ish) it went rapidly down hill, but still an amazing anime overall. I’ll have to check out that Death note soon, seems like something i would enjoy so thanks for sharing.

  • Ushio

    Clannad (and After Story) is best anime. I cried more than I ever thought I could (mostly because of After Story, the most beautiful life-changing ending in the whole world).

  • Transfixer

    Anyone remembers “Captain Future”? My first ever anime, year was then maybe 1992 or 93. Thanks for German satellite channels ^^.

  • Nictwist

    Its freaking bomb, gotta watch a few episodes and you will be HOOKED

  • nonononono

    Ah, Love Hina! Thanks, forgot about that one! Good old days of still enjoying Japanese cartoons.

  • Rin

    Samurai Champloo is one of my favorite anime serise out there. Very unique.
    Also, Shin Sekai Yori (From the New Wrold) has an amazing premiss.

  • google

    I personally felt Sword Art Online was great for the first few episodes, until it became generic as Kirito built his harem and beat every other person in the game because he’s super special.

  • ジョヴァンニ

    Where would Bakuman sit on your list if you extended it?

  • Jusilla

    I am so glad you mentioned Ergo Proxy. Just finished it a month ago or so, and it blew my mind. I’m about ready to watch it for a second time, even.
    (Just finished Trigun yesterday too… so what, I’m a little behind… XD)

  • Cassie

    I’ve seen Death Note and am watching Code Geass! I read manga before watching anime so I guess I’ve always been into it! The first anime I’ve ever watched on a PC is HOTD someone on YouTube recommended it to me!!

  • Guest

    you no have toppa tengen gurren lagann in your list @koichi:disqus

  • ricardo248

    you no have toppa tengen gurren lagann in your list

  • GP

    I’m surprised anyone over the age of 8 could get past more than an ep or two. The voice “acting” consists of shouting their lines.

  • Henro

    Hit up the Trigun manga. It’s more mature, the art is amazing, and the plot is more complicated while also being less cheesy. But, oh man, at least look up the art.

  • Henro

    FMA is actually an absolutely great anime; the original was written by a woman, which is in itself a great detail about it – but something about that shows through in the material. It’s ultra-violent, but without being cheesily gory. It’s emotional without being overwrought, and the characters are deep without being too hackneyed. On top of all that, she researched real alchemy and integrated a lot of historical designs and ideas into her work.

    It’s also a much, much, much, much, much, much better, more thought-out, and believable alternate history than Shingeki no Kyojin. Just. If you like Shingeki, then you have absolutely no excuse not to watch FMA, because Shingeki is kind of a poor man’s FMA: similar to FMA, but inferior in every possible way.

  • Henro

    Cowboy Bebop and Trigun are completely unknown in Japan. Just…no one knows what they are. Not that I’m going to be an anime snob. Just think it’s worth pointing out that two of the biggest anime among otakus in the States are just unheard of here in Japan. Keep that in mind, you know?

    That said: Natsume Yuujincho is an EXCELENT anime and it is reasonably popular in Japan now. I just finished watching Katanagatari, which is a little underground, but is hands down the best thing I’ve watched in a while.

    If you haven’t seen Gintama, then you don’t know anything. I mean, seriously. When my wife first showed me Gintama it just kind of blew my mind – it is kind of like the Japanese equivalent of the Simpsons. You will NOT get all the jokes, because many of them are specific parodies of specific elements of Japanese culture (the Renho bit, for example, meant nothing to me) – but a lot of it is general enough (the emperor of Japan refuses to wear clothes, for example) that it’s accessible to ANYONE.

    Detroit Metal City is also absolutely a must.

    And Shirokuma Cafe. If you want to talk about a “starter” anime (which is a stupid concept, but whatever), Shirokuma Cafe is it. Watch it with your mom. Watch it with your girlfriend. Explain how Japanese culture revels in both the cute and the surreal, and how a lot of anime is both. Whatever you do: WATCH SHIROKUMA CAFE.

  • henro

    Seriously, anyone talking about anime that hasn’t seen FMA is kind of…damn it, I said I wouldn’t be an anime snob, but seriously. FMA is popular among MANY demographics in Japan – it’s WILDLY popular around the world – it’s an absolute must-see for someone who wants to take anime seriously.

  • Henro

    ARGH! I forgot Katanagatari! I just finished watching that (at my wife’s recommendation) – it is…fucking fantastic. Watch it. Thank me later.

  • Henro

    Despite what otaku might want to tell you, SOME anime IS for children. One Piece is one of those. You might be like, “Oh, yeah, but look at those big titties! That can’t be for children!” Yeah…this is Japan. That doesn’t bother anyone. At all. So…yeah. It’s still for children. It is a children’s manga adapted into a children’s anime for children.

  • Henro

    “Yeah I wouldn’t let any child of mine watch One Piece.”

    You’re not Japanese, though. It’s a children’s anime here. It’s not one of those examples of, “But anime is art, and it isn’t just for children!” One Piece is and has been from the beginning a series for children. It’s not “art” in the same sense Ghibli is. It’s actually one of the manga/anime that is absolutely what regular Americans think anime is: cartoons for kids.

    Acting like One Piece is some kind of epic piece of art is like taking a juice box full of grape juice to a wine tasting event.

  • Genkakuzai

    Nopes, I’m not, I have lived there for years though. Never claimed it was art, what I said was that it’s a great anime, and among the most popular out there. If you don’t think so that’s your opinion, and you’re obviously free to have one; however, don’t pretend as if you’ve got some sort of monopoly on truth. It all boils down to taste, and if yours doesn’t match up with mine that is quite alright :) Your last analogy however, sucked, I don’t agree with a word of it, but I think you knew that when you wrote it.

  • Henro

    No, it was exactly what I meant. Calling One Piece on of the best anime ever on a thread where actual great anime has been mentioned is exactly like having a tiny little children’s box of grapey-grape at a wine tasting event. You’re bringing up an anime explicitly for children with the production values of Anpanman and calling it “one of the best?” Yeah, nice grapey-grape ya got there. I’m gonna go watch some Ghibli.

    (Lol at me saying earlier I wasn’t going to be an anime snob. Lol.)

  • henro

    Lol, I didn’t forget Katanagatari, and lol again, I’m totally an anime snob.

  • Genkakuzai

    OK, it’s quite adorable that you seem to think you’re some sort of authority on deciding which anime is good and which isn’t, let me enlighten you though, you’re not. All you’re saying are your opinions, which obviously aren’t universally shared by the rest of the world, hate to break it to ya.

    And to elaborate things a little, let’s say One Piece actually was originally for “children” as you love to put it, the manga has been produced since 1997, the anime has been produced since 1999. One would imagine that the people who started watching it at that time in a lot of cases kept on watching it, which would make them 14-16 years older than they were when they started out.

    Also, wtf makes you think I don’t enjoy Ghibli? Is it your glorious mind at work once more, reading my mind? I love Ghibli and I have since I first saw Totoro in the early 90s. One does not exclude the other. In addition to that, One Piece remains the best selling manga of all time, guess there’s a lot of kids out there huh! Let me repeat what I said earlier, you are in no shape, way or form an authority on what constitutes a good anime. You’re just another dude on the internet with strong opinions, leading me to think you’re not that old to begin with. Further, those opinions do not equate everyones truth, just yours.

    I don’t see you as an anime snob at all, I see you as a person incapable of accepting that not everyone agrees with your point of view. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible list. Only shows John watched total of 20 anime, mostly recommended by people who themselves never watched many. 3/4th of the list are not even “top” worthy. And rest should never be in top 50.

  • Shinta Otsuki

    i agree with DBZ but cannot agree with Love Hina, the manga was MUCH better than the seemingly half finished anime

    also SAO is amazing but i hated Code Geass

    Where the hell is Rurouni Kenshin?? Possibly the GREATEST samurai anime of ALL TIME There are seriously some classics that should be here and aren’t (Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit GUNDAM, Martian Successor Nadesico, Ghost in The Shell, the list goes on)

    so while i agree with a few, overall i gotta say this list is crap

  • AnadyLi


  • BigBro

    You really owe it to yourself to watch gurren lagann i loved code geass and death note and especially EVA but my god Gurren Lagann is too much crazy awesome to be believied

  • DJ

    If you can, really try watching Cowboy Bepop it’s my all time fave! Really fantastic artwork and the concept is really cool. I like how it is supposed to just be set in the future and more realistic as opposed to animes with sorcery and superpowers (not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just a refreshing alternative). Also the music selection for the show is amazing. They wanted the show to have a jazzy-alternative vibe when picking the tunes I believe.

  • Nathan Hoyt

    I’d have to disagree with you on that part about Titan being inferior in every possible way. Its hard to judge since Titan is still going, but the devices in Titan actually make mechanical sense, unlike the automail and alchemy in FMA which were just magic with a facade of pseudoscience. I’d agree that the alternate history is more believable in FMA and FMA might end up being better in my opinion but I can’t judge anime accurately while they’re ongoing.

  • Nathan Hoyt

    Sword Art Online is the only thing that can compete with Code Geass in my mind and only because it has a happy ending. Accel World is ok too, at least better than SAO’s second half. I’m hoping it will pick up when it gets to the Gun Gale Online arc.

  • azlknife

    I don’t think this dude has ever seen K-ON, or Gurren Lagaan

  • OutruntheWind

    20 minutes a week is nice, but if people want to pick the show up now, they have to watch 1 ep per day for the better part of 2 years to catch up… I think that’s what he meant by “people having lives”.

  • OutruntheWind

    You should give Trigun a couple more episodes to grow on you. Also, the second half of the series starts to get more heavy on the plot, and you start to learn a lot more about the world that they live in.

  • OutruntheWind

    I’m not really good at making “top” lists, so I’ll just throw out a few anime that I thought were very good that may not have been mentioned yet: Bokura no, Twelve Kingdoms, Nichijou, Kemono no Souja Erin, School Rumble, and Tentai Senshi Sunred. I’ve seen a LOT, so it’s hard to name just a few…

  • Clayton Bruce Lyon

    One Piece!!!

  • Dr Phil

    No Cowboy Bebop=Irrelevant list pal.

  • Nomand

    I guess I’m all alone on liking Samurai Jack. :c

  • Andrew

    Well said. I’m 25 years old and did not even begin to watch One Piece until sometime last year. I was always deterred by it’s humor, which at first glance does seem aimed at children. Anyone who would actually take the time to sit down and watch it though will quickly realize it has it’s place in the adult world, and it has also evolved as it has aged. I completely agree that it is a great anime and only someone who can not handle a little childish humor here and there would call it a children’s show. Pokemon… digimon.. yugioh… those were definitely children’s shows. I am not saying I never watched any of them back in the day but definitely a lot more childish than one piece. I honestly think it is ridiculous how the world is now… “A lot of people like it so…eh… I shouldn’t watch it cause then I’d just be jumping on the bandwagon.”… well maybe a lot of people like it cause it is good? The only issue I do have with long animes and the such like that are just the fillers. I understand that when the story is as long as it is (and one piece seems to be only a season or so ahead of it’s halfway point) they have to fluff it so the manga can keep up. All in all, we all have our own opinions and no one here or anywhere can tell you that your anime of choice doesn’t belong on this page. That said I’d have to agree with a lot of the ones I’ve seen, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Outlaw Star(dunno if I’ve seen it up here), Yu Yu hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist(both, though brotherhood is better), SAO(first half), Attack on Titan has been great so far, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, DBZ was definitely my first(IF ANYONE WANTS A REFRESH WITHOUT A COMPLETE REWATCH… watch the abridged series by team four star… not the same of course but definitely a hilarious retake on it), Death Note, So so so many… but with all that and more One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto also have a place.

  • Genkakuzai

    Agree completely on fillers. They’re mostly very very annoying, though I’d have to say the G-8 filler arc in One Piece is well worth watching. Samurai Champloo o/ Among my absolute favorite animes. Excellent style and epic soundtrack, despite being nowhere near 600 episodes O_O Full Metal alchemist is another good mention by others in the thread.

  • james

    no xxxHolic or Mushishi?

  • Sargonarhes

    Code Geass?Evangelion.
    Boy does this list suck.

  • Jeric

    How about Hunter X Hunter?

  • Corcor

    Tenchi Muyo!!

  • Dan

    I just can’t believe cowboy bebop isn’t listed here. **lies down and dies**

  • Bradley Hanstad

    If you want to take Attack on Titan to a real world perspective you are going to have all sorts of issues… Sure, it is possible to do something close to what Titan has, but the entire society should be way more advanced for being capable of using air pressures in high enough psi to power such a suit/ maneuver gear.

    They have to get refills, but how on earth are they compressing that? Do they have some massive rotary mill powered by horses somehow compressing that? And they have fittings and such to fill and refill tanks? It shouldnt really be too visible if it is just air compressed as well, do they magically have CO2? Why aren’t they using air power for all sorts of other things? Why not use gunpowder style shots for the piercing hooks and then air to retract them? The engineering side of me starts going nuts if I start thinking about real world possibilities, but I do like the attempt on realism… The ability the main character gets kinda falls into the alchemy realm anyway…

    Still good so far, but can’t be called awesome until we have an ending.
    I agree to push up Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Cowboy Bepop, Ghost in the shell, Trigun, etc. Making a list is impossible for me. My manly side goes right out the window upon mention of Clannad after story…

  • Bradley Hanstad

    How do you not get into Ghost in the Shell… yet you like Death Note?
    I wonder if you like Spice and Wolf and to that note, Maoyu.

    Then of course Bakemonogatari and the one before that/ after that etc.

  • Isaac

    No naruto,Fullmetal alchemist = awful list

  • John

    Seeing your list got me thinking back on what my top 10 would be. I have watched a lot of anime and here is my current list.

    My Top 10 Anime List

    1.Usagi Drop! Yes I went there, no anime has touched me in a non perv way like this one did. Even manly men can shed a tear or two. Definitely worth the watch.
    2.Code Geass
    3.Attack on Titan (not over will change)
    4.Cowboy Bepop
    5.Kuroko’s Basketball
    6.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    7.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
    8.Hunter x Hunter (redo)
    9.ef ~ A Tale of Memories
    10.Sword Art Online (If only season 2 was better)

  • gin

    You should watch Gintama. It’s genius.

  • lulu23422

    code geass is number 1. YOU ARE A VERY SMART MAN

  • Jacqueline

    At the top of my list would be Hikaru no GO (an underrated gem) and Rurouni Kenshin (which had a great soundtrack to boost as well!)

  • Jacqueline

    And, what is that in my icon picture??

  • Nathan Hoyt

    They have coal and steam power, and they have that high-quality steel that their swords are made of. If they have the metallurgy to make high-strength steel it makes sense that they could also make brass fittings for their refilling stations. The series is inconsistent in its use of technology but that might just be because of the economic inequalities that exist between the people living in the outer and inner walls, or lack of natural resources within the relatively small area they have walled off. There should have been trains and steamboats shown if they really have coal and steam engines but in one of the data card things they show before commercials they refer to “industrial cities” as being the only places where ultra-hard steel is made.

  • Jasmine

    My favorites are Ranma 1/2, Samurai Champloo, Bleach. Naruto, One Piece, Death Note. Cowboy Bebop, Gakuen Alice (don’t ask..), and Skip Beat.

  • Ellenah

    I have to say, out of all the animes I have watched, and currently watching, Full Metal Alchemist is in my top three.

  • gtc331

    Soul Eater!

  • harkaran

    1 digimon

    2 pokemon

    3456789 10 would be adjusted when all pokemon episodes will be completed.

  • TmnxuS

    East r west, naruto s d best :-) cheers

  • katey

    First anime show I ever watched was Blood + which I still like a lot!
    I can’t believe you don’t have Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on here! (FMA [first anime] is good–Brotherhood is AWESOME).

    And then I fell in love with Trigun…

  • Sobby

    I bet U dont know Naruto and One piece :D

  • Rhys Ronin

    gotta say alot of my favorites were on your list, almost inspires me to write my own list. meh but im lazy. some of my favorites which arent on your list include Level E, Gurran Laggan, Slayers, FLCL, Eden of the east (1st or close to 1st), Gokudo, Soul Eater, and Yu Yu Hakusho. ahh yes nostalgia i do know how you feel.

  • Bryan

    Hit the nail on the head. Death Note and Code Geass are easily my top two favorites. Not the biggest fan of Evangellion, but it was alright. It was a while ago when I watched through it, so I may have to try it again. Code Geass is one series I can watch over and over and never get sick of. There are one or two on your list I have not seen yet and will check out. Thanks for the run down memory lane. I see a lot of people referring to FMA, which was excellent and would make my top 10 for sure. I still have yet to see all of the Brotherhood series, which I heard is suppose to follow the Manga, so I am excited to see how the ending of that one turns out. The question I got for everyone is, what was the first anime you watched that got you hooked? When I was in high school, probably around the age of 15-16, my friend had the entire series of Blue Gender. We watched every episode in like 2-3 days. Been in love ever since.

  • Rae

    Kinda sad Inuyasha wasn’t mentioned in it……

  • txutxu


  • txutxu


  • Douuche

    Ok, Ms. Buzz Killington.

  • Exona

    never see people put up gun x swords. its kinda ok.

  • BBakeca

    great cartoons!

  • Spike

    A top 10 list without Cowboy Bebop is not a top 10 list.

  • refwide

    FairyTail! the humor the comedy the lesson the romance the unity. everything in fairytail.. so funny too.

  • refwide

    fairytail! the pretiest girls on anime. and cutepets like happy and carla.. and guildmembers so touching. i got disappointed with this site. there are too many anime sites which fairytail is included. seriously. have you guys even tried watching it?

  • Christopher Whiteman

    Check out dead man wonderland! :)

  • Vishal

    Where Is Naruto and FairyTail?

  • SouLx

    where is soul eater?????

  • x_stei

    Code Geass is so awesome. I wasn’t expecting much of it when I started because most “OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS” about anime tends to be severely overrated, but Code Geass was really that great.

    I read the manga Death Note. It was crazy. Halfway through I stopped trying to understand because my average brain could not keep up. Near and Mello were awesome though. L still is one of those really amazing anime/manga characters that I will never forget.

    I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion when I was 12. In hindsight, I probably only understood like… 0.1% of it. If that. I didn’t like it. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable. To date this is the only show that other people have passionate loved that I have passionately hated. It just felt like a brainf*ck.

    I’ve always wanted to see Ergo Proxy.

    Oh Love Hina. I loved reading the manga. The anime seemed a bit too rowdy though. I loved the storyline, and really enjoyed seeing character development in the two leading characters. It was just a fun experience.

    And then there’s Dragonball Z. I enjoyed watching it, but things really dragged on and there was a lack of continuity across its storylines.

    I am curious about the deeper connections you have with each of these shows. For me my favourites all have some sort of theme that speaks to me psychologically. I’d love to hear your reasons for liking your top three.

  • x_stei

    Me too! I agree! I feel old now.

    There just feels like more substance in 90’s anime and even a few handfuls from the early 2000’s. Substantial anime series that packs a punch visually and metaphysically after say like 2005 are few and far in between.

  • Samin

    Have you watched Mushi-shi? It only has 25 episodes, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I guess it is one of the best

  • Febmark Batiancila

    I like anime.

  • Febmark Batiancila

    Specially naruto.

  • TheAnimeMasterForLIFE


  • ANGUS 4277

    Oh you mean G-Force!

  • commenter

    naruto should be here…

  • Chris Stevenson

    I agree FMA especially brotherhood was such a good long watch! , i just checked out your tumblr some of your illustrations are well and truly badass and would not think twice about getting them inked onto me haha

  • Tim Snieder

    I have been scouring the net for a new anime to get into, and have been having trouble. I`ve only seen 1 on your list – Code Geass – and it was hands down the best anime I`ve ever seen! So based on that, I assume you have good taste!!! I did give ergo proxy a try once and got bored, maybe I`ll have to try again during a somber evening. I gave death note a try and also got bored, although it is regarded as one of the best ones so I`ll have to give it a second chance. The first one that got me into anime in the first place was Eureka 7, which will always have a place in my heart…

  • Mike

    I’m sorry but FMA or brotherhood are simply top 5 at the least.. Cowboy bepop and trigun are similar but these are legendary animes you have left out. I can see you put none of the main stream animes on like naruto, bleach, one piece and fairy tale I like that.


    I would live to point out my favourites that may or may not have been mentioned.
    1.One Piece- Very funny and great battles

    2. Bleach- Best fighting anime i have seen but lots of fillers

    3. Naruto- Great story. More fillers

    4. Full Metal Alchemist- Great story but watch brotherhood as its story is much better
    5. Attack on titan or Shingeki No Kyojin- Watched all the episodes so far in one night. great anime shame its ongoing.

    6. Fairy Tail- Good anime but has stopped due to catching up with manga
    7. Toriko – Funny but slow
    8. High school of the dead- Awesome anime/ contains some adult scenes … Also zombies

    9. Sword art online- Watched it in one night as john said the second part was disappointing. Should of used the first parts setting all the way through.

  • Alicia

    ZOMG no Cowboy Bebop??? It has nostalgia value!! The early days of Adult Swim and the BEST anime of the late 90s.

  • George vonMeow

    Wolf’s Rain started off great, but later into the series… I stopped after the wolves got attacked by some space-laser thing. Maybe i’ll watch it again and actually understand what’s going on during that part…

    But, yeah, it was great. You guys should definitely watch it.

  • Naimul Ahsan Linkon

    what u say about naruto,one pice & bleach?

  • animemaster

    Over all good list. The only one on your list I haven’t seen was Xam’d: Lost Memories, well I never did finish dbz either but I still agree with its placement. What I don’t understand was Code Geass getting the number 1 spot, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that great either. I really hated that ridiculous blind sister closing her eyes all the time. Blind people don’t do that. Allot of the emotional scenes seemed too forced. I sense you really wanted to put Elfen lied as you no 1 but with love hina and beserk already on the list you didn’t want to confirm your perversions so overtly.

  • poop

    Ao No Exorcist is fucking AMAZING only 25 episodes but such a good show! Planning on watching it again

  • Veethorn

    This list is somewhat interesting, but I absolutely loathe Code Geass… Check out my own list

  • Reii

    whispers ‘Hunter×Hunter’

  • Lulu

    Good choice with Code Geass as number one, definitely my favorite I would watch it again anytime.

  • Trista Young

    You chose Berserk over Claymore? Wtf…?

  • Arsalaan LaFleur

    Full metal Alchemist brotherhood, the newer one, is a must watch

  • hasnain

    Where is naruto in this list

  • Brandon Pena

    Escaflowne anyone, one sweet ass season and it was DONE? Gundam Wing, or Gundam M.S. 08th Team(all other seasons ARE LAME), Outlaw Star, the first season of Ronin Warriors,

  • Williamthecuntdestroyer


  • FfsLol

    u should watch naruto, bleach and fairy tail too.


    Nothing compares to CLAYMORE. I think Theresa of the Faint Smile is singularly one of the best made character in Anime history..followed by Gaara of the Sand (Desert) and Byakuya Kuchiki.

  • Spentaz

    is no one watching “The world God only knows”, so far I’m loving it. I agree that Code Geass should be number one and that Death Note is number two, but I think that Sword Art Online should definitely be number three. (just my opinion)

  • BlackCap

    What did u think about One Piece?

  • KingBradly

    Who’s the guy in Black holding a sword and something in his mouth on the left???

  • Vshal Reanimated

    Why is’nt any1 talking abt Onepiece, naruto, bleach….???? i think top 3 must be these…
    ???? Y ????

  • llolol

    No Hokuto no Ken or Jojo kimyou na bouken !?

  • Bewildered

    Wow. This is actually good top 10 list. And only one harem type anime? That is really good indication of good quality top.

  • HERter466

    Just a great list, I found Code Geass because of you and I am so happy that I watched it, for me just the best anime of all time!

  • Ali


  • Juliebird

    That is so relative, though. For me, Cowboy Bebop was the stepping stone of anime. My brother and sister are both in their mid-thirties and they have absolutely no desire to see FMA, but I would not say they don’t take anime seriously. People are going to like what they like. I’ve never seen FMA and I don’t want to, but I have seen over 200 other anime. It doesn’t mean I don’t take anime seriously, it just means it doesn’t appeal to me as a viewer.

  • Juliebird

    I loved reading your list and your reasoning for including the anime that you chose. I don’t really get how anyone could say your list is wrong, considering this is so subjective, it’s not even funny.

    My list would be:

    10. Skip Beat!
    9. NANA
    8. Outlaw Star
    7. .hack//SIGN
    6. AnoHana
    5. Hourou Musuko
    4. Trigun
    3. AIR TV
    2. Sailor Moon
    1. Now and Then, Here and There. (OH MY GOD, I WAS SO DESTROYED AFTER THIS.)

    Honorable Mentions: Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion. (I think what happened to me with thsese series is that they were SO talked up that I went in with the highest of expectations. I still remember them as awesome, but I think I was pre-ruined for them. Unfair to the anime, but that’s life.)

  • Joe Chapman

    After watching Full MEtal Alchemist (the original series) I haven’t been able to enjoy any Anime series’ like I used to, all but Death Note, stopped watching it about 10 episodes in and now really want to go back and watch it all! As these being my 2 favourite (Full Metal at the top) can anyone lead me toward some others I may have missed and might enjoy as much.

  • Greg Evans

    Evangelion. That is all.

    I remember watching a Gundam AMV when I was like… 12? And someone had spliced in the scene from Evangelion on some accident. Reaction: Robots that bleed, mind-blown, buy boxed set.

    This was the first “serious” anime I watched beginning to end that wasn’t part of the CTN/Toonami (Gundam, Tenchi, YuYuHakusho, Trigun ,Bebop…. you all know which ones I’m talking about.t

    Everything after NGE seemed so… underwhelming. I lost interest in the genre for a few years, and then there was Geass, hope restored. Robopacylpse-mindfuck seems to be the niche of the niche that I’m stuck in.

    Anyone have recommendations for me? Ergo Proxy and Lain really had that dark, scifi, cyberpunk thing that sooths my soul, and the former was, in a sense, the anime Bladerunnner, so yeah.

    Also, did anyone else ever see Infinite Mobius or Witchhunter Robin? I have not a clue where I was these but they seemed fairly awesome for maybe the 3/4 of the series I saw.

  • Natsu

    Fuck all this shit :L watch this korean movie called killertoon 😃😭😩😔😝😄😞😐😊😣😢😍😉😂😘😱😙😀😊😃😃😃😍😐😐😙😘

  • Kira

    One piece is not in top 10 ?

  • Hi

    Did you ben watch amnesia, naruto or fullmetal alchemist?

  • JD

    Here’s my top 6 list:

    Code Geass

    Sword Art Online
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Death Note
    Fairy Tail

  • Jasmine

    Eden of the East is a great anime as well. Check it out if you get the chance. :)

  • JakDynasty

    I’ve got to disagree with your comment about the second half of SAO being bad. I really enjoyed it almost as much as the first half :p. I can see why some people wouldn’t like it though. Personally it would be my number 5 out of those on this list.

  • mef

    What about Gurren Lagann?

  • jacksteeple

    a top ten anime list with no kurosaki-kun……..unbelievable

  • Neko-Chan

    Where is Naruto/Naruto Shippuden ?! 😤
    Or Fullmetal Alchemist ?! Or Fairy Tail ?! Or Bleach ?!
    Did you watch some comedy anime like You and I ? Or some horror anime like Future Diarie ? Or maybe romance like Say “I love you” ?
    I agree that SAO, Death Note, Code Geass are great anime … But others anime that you wrote …
    You could replace them by others anime. Of course it’s just my opinion …

  • Jay

    I love your list. But have you ever seen Steins;gate? It’s my favorite, and you seem to have a similar taste as me…

  • blitzburns4

    You might really want to consider getting Cowboy Bebop on the list somehow. In my opinion? It’s number one by a long shot. The fact you haven’t seen it means that you haven’t truly seen what an anime can really do and the level of quality anime can truly reach. The makers of Wolf’s Rain made Cowboy Bebop before they made Wolf’s Rain.

    Pretty much everyone except the director, Wantanabe, came back to make Wolf’s Rain after they made Cowboy Bebop. Wantanabe went on to make his own spiritual successor, though, with a different studio. (A masterpiece called Samurai Champloo.) The story was that most of the staff that made Cowboy Bebop split from the parent company (Sunrise I think.) to form a studio called Bones. Bones is the studio that made Wolf’s Rain.

    For me, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Wolf’s Rain form a “perfect circle” of anime that hasn’t quite been matched to this day. All three of the shows are on my “top ten,” list, and all three of the shows are masterpieces. I highly recommend watching all three back-to-back.

    Then there’s also Black Lagoon and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom which are also two amazing shows in their own right as well. I like to consider them “opposite sides to the same coin,” since the premise for both shows is so similar. They are both (spectacular) action shows that feature a protagonist who is kidnapped yet eventually joins his kidnappers. Black Lagoon the protagonist becomes a modern day pirate, while in Requiem for the Phantom the protagonist becomes an assassin. Though they have similar premises; their executions are completely opposite from each other. However, I strongly believe they are just as good as each other. Check em’ out.

  • lelouch

    We all know that code geass is the best! IN DA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You mad brah? come at me!

  • Matfragme

    I’d like to also like to recommend Trigun starts off a bit goofy but quickly develops into something much deeper. I think my ultimate soft spot for anime lies with The Slayers, love that show something about it always makes me smile even now I’m in my 30’s I know it wouldn’t be everyone’s choice but if you havn’t seen it i would urge you to give it a watch. The 2nd series was where it all came together for me :) Thanks for the list, I’m gonna give death note a watch now.

  • rocker$$$

    i’m also surprised why there is not naruto in the list….

  • blaze

    GAYYY. how is hunter x hunter, one piece, naruto shipuuden, bleach, fairy tail, samurai champloo…. i can go on forever… Not in this list?!?!

  • kemos

    did you ever watch Bleach ??!!

  • Natsu

    Seriously ? where is Fairy tail ? how about Fate stay night ? how about elfen lied ? oh wait …. claymore … man u have to update this list …

  • Wolfy Scratch

    you should watch Black Lagoon if you haven’t already its a enjoyable watch :D

  • Amelia Elizatbeth Ferdinand

    Hetalia is not included ;~;

  • sojourn rahl

    while full metal alchemist was great, code geass trumps it by a long shot. Though i have only seen half of your list i agree with DBZ, code geass, And SOA as long as we destroy the second half. thanks you just gave me a few more shows to add to my list of things to watch.

  • einvaust

    Good choice…all already watch,… except love hina ( cause the anime not good, its better on manga).

    But if we follow up with new additional anime tv on following year, i must say to recommend watch

    Attack on titan (shingeki no kyojin) ,
    all monogatari series (bakemonogatari, kizumonogatari, & monogatari s2),
    PERSONA 4 anime,
    Gin No Saji (silver spoon),
    all FATE series,
    Uchouten Kazoku

  • ajay

    code geass, i watched just now and then ended up on this page. i actually cried on reaching the end

  • ajay


  • noisyninja

    How is Cowboy Bebop not on this list, but DragonballZ is???

  • MierraJane

    Code Geass. Yes. :D :D :D

  • Will

    One Piece?

  • Devilsace

    I def agree with the top 2 except i would switch them around but thats just me…if there is more animes just like the top 2 i would love 2 watch them…the rest are good but i think they could be better (e.g. FMA Brotherhood…first one was good but i would rather watch Brotherhood)

  • that one guy

    I just want to say, I don’t trust any list that doesn’t have Code Geass at the top. You are pretty much on par with me so I’ll have to check out those others I haven’t watched yet like berserk and neon. Thanks for the list.

  • Play-Doh_25

    There are so many AMAZING animes that its hard to pick a top 10 but you did a pretty good job despite the fact that you are definitely missing a few

  • Ra$HmiLiCioU$!!

    y isnt ONE PIECE,BLEACH der in d top 5 in ur list?? der r preety amazing themselves,,n deserve to b on top!!

  • naski

    I love that anime! I started it a long time ago and I am thinking of re watching it because I forgot what happens mainly.

  • perfect animiest best at anime

    Me♥@nime its the best soul eater SOUL EATER wwwaattcchh iitt

  • Shex

    just one piece

  • animefreak

    hi can u guys tell me a anime which is high on fantasy like dragon ball z , FMA , inu yasha

  • Drakulis

    i must say you really have a great taste :D



  • Joyce

    watch cowboy bebop please

  • Elonkareon

    Nonsense. There’s nothing more manly than Clannad After Story

  • Utsav

    Ba ba bleach !!

  • Veethorn

    Interesting list to say the least, but two or three anime here completely fail to impress me me. My top 10 would look something like this:

    10- Attack on Titan

    9- Kino’s Journey

    8- Clannad: After Story

    7- Steins;Gate

    6- Neon Genesis Evangelion

    5- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

    4- Usagi Drop

    3- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    2- Gurren Lagann

    1- Cowboy Bebop

    Do check out and comment my top 50 anime list in my blog!

  • Parag

    Get Backers m/

  • Just_an_otaku_passing_by

    Nobody will agree with me, but defintely Soul Eater for me as my top…feel free to hate and disagree. xDD

  • xoxomonsters

    hmmmmm code geass would be my #1 as well (much love for the whole franchise). My list might also include Eden of the East and Monster.

  • Ernie Tinkle

    I’m just glad Code Geass is first ^^

  • matthewfrontz

    thats what im saying

  • Bustamante Raúl

    i saw CodeGeass and DeathNote, DN is the best.

  • ura


  • the midnightrider

    full metal alchemist and cowboy bebop are a must watch.

  • Aidan,Nevins

    Evangelion behind Geass and Note…Okay.
    Eureka Seven really struck a chord with me,It managed to keep its sill nature and yet still present a ver rewarding plot.
    Gurren Lagann should be on here somewhere, By far m favorite anime by far just for the fact it can set up this huge impossible situation and break barriers so elegantly.

    I dunno Note never did it for me same goes for Geass they just didnt present enough, they played it safe and most of the turn ended up being very cut and paste from other shows.

    Nice list, I started Beserk becasue of this list and it is fantastic. I dont know what to fininsh That or JoJos Bizarre Adventure.