A Geek in Japan

If you were just beginning to learn about Japan, there might be some concepts and references in the conversation that feel foreign. "I brought some omiyage from my trip to the onsen to the office, and after work we went … [Read more...]


Attack on Titan: The Movie

The announcement of an Attack on Titan live action film brought mixed reactions from fans. Live-action movies based on on anime and manga tend to be disappointing. Although recent entries like the Afro Tanaka and … [Read more...]


Practicing Japanese on the JET Program: At Work and in the Community

Now that you're settled on JET and have prepared your Japanese study regimen, it's time to use all Japanese all the time! But wait. At work you have to use English all day. And the majority of your time on JET is spent at … [Read more...]

richard reeves infamy book review cover


There’s a lot that gets glossed over in a US history class, but the internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans during World War II is a big one. Whether it’s because so much was going on in Europe at the time, or … [Read more...]


Oishinbo A La Carte

One of my favorite things about Japan is the food. And one of Japan's favorite things about Japan is the food. One way you can tell is that so many stories are built around it. I've written elsewhere about the role of food … [Read more...]


Daienji Temple and Its Many Statues

In Meguro, Tokyo, there is a Tendai sect temple called Daienji. In this temple, the God of wealth, Daikokuten (aka Mahakala), is enshrined. The first thing you'll notice when you enter the temple ground is … [Read more...]



If you love Japan for its history and want to see something beyond the typical Kyoto scenes then Kurashiki is the place for you. The city doesn't take up much space in western guidebooks, but has plenty to offer the … [Read more...]