No, I’m not talking about conspiracy theories that talk about our end times and the Illuminati. I’m talking about dance, and definitely no ordinary dance. WORLD ENDING DANCE… *ahem* … well, maybe not. But absolutely remarkable dance, at the very least. John wrote about Polysics, the most eccentric band in Japan somewhat recently. I think World Order gives them a run for their money.

In The Red Corner… Genki Sudo!

genki sudo

Genki Sudo was, at one time, a martial artist. He did mixed martial arts and kickboxing and competed in multiple tournaments and organizations. Unsurprisingly (since he’s doing dance stuff now), he was particularly known for his flashy entrances to the fighting stage. According to Wikipedia, one time he did the robot and operating levers that released a column of smoke from the top of his head while wearing a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket as a hat and a white plastic mask, in an homage to the musician Buckethead.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, he put all that awesomeness into music videos that will seriously blow your mind.

Genki Sudo’s World Order Music & Videos

genki sudo world order members

In retirement, he’s been working with six awesome dancers, pushing the boundaries of dance and entertainment. I’m normally bored to tears when I have to watch music, dancing, or a combination of the two – but Sudo’s stuff captivated me. I watched video after video after video until they were done, then immediately started writing this post. I hope you like the videos too.

The best part about these, I think, is the first of all the dancing, but secondly the people watching them dance. They just go out in public areas for the most part, do their thing, and then leave. People walk by, look at them all confused, take video/pictures, ignore them completely, and all kinds of other hilarious things if you pay close enough attention. Try to watch and you’ll see some entertaining reactions.

World Order In New York

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World Order’s Mindshift

[yframe url=’’]

World Order Live In Tokyo & Osaka

[yframe url=’’]

Dell Streak Man Project

[yframe url=’’]

World Order’s Machine Civilization

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Live at the WPC

[yframe url=’′]

World Order’s “Boy Meets Girl”

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Dell Streak Campaign

[yframe url=’′]

World Order 2012

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I think that’s all of them! After watching these, I for one am ready to welcome my benevolent dancing overlords. For some reason I feel inspired when I watch them – maybe it’s the simplicity of the dancing… but a simplicity that’s impossible to achieve without tons and tons of practice. It’s easy to make something complex, but very difficult to make something really, really simple. Their’s a beauty in simplicity. I think that’s Genki Sudo’s Buddhism shining through, right there.

So what do you think? Incredible? Not so much? Be sure to let me know in the comments and share other things you think might be better. If you find me something that will blow me away more than World Order, you get a gold star. Let the challenge begin! …though I’m not sure if it can be done.

In the meantime, let’s all hope that Mike Tyson decides to take advantage of his retirement from fighting too in the same way as Genki Sudo, am I right?

P.S. To stay up to date with the comings and goings of World Order, you can find them on their website, Twitter, and/or their Google+ Pages!

  • Kiriain

    You know what? This actually pulled me away from my AKB48 binge. I need to hit the replay button over and over and over again now.

  • ラリサ

    Polysics link is broken. “dont-kanow-” 

  • WA倭和忘れ物

    See? Robots aren’t so scary when they’re singing and dancing.

  • Nadia

    Actually quite fascinating!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely blew me away as well, kind of remind of the dance group the Jabbawockeez (or at least thats how you spell it0, but these guys are on a whole other level. 

  • Anonymous

    For those wanting to see some of said MMA entries, look no further.

    Now if only he had Buckethead actually playing his entrance song…

  • Hashi

    Ah, thank you! Fixed.

  • WA倭和忘れ物

    Whoa, and now I just noticed the location choice for “2012.”

  • Ko

    oh man the balls these guys have. they totally don’t give a shit, i love it. i think i’d seen one of these before, but didn’t know it was a ~thing. Awesome. 

  • Callisto

    It’s impressive how in-tune with each other they are. I imagine they have to know each other really well to be able to kind of “read” what the other guys are going to do, because there are no errors in their choreography. Everyone’s got it down to the precise millisecond. Or something. I don’t know.

    I don’t knowwww, all I know is voodoo is probably involved.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I really like the songs and the dancing!! Oh, Tofugu should start a hangout on Google+!!!

  • Julian Gregor

    The video of him with the kfc bucket on his head and be seen here and it wasn’t just a column of smoke shooting from his head it was a goddamn flamethrower

  • koichi

    oh lol, that’s better than I imagined.

  • ジェームズ

    My friend in my dorm showed me a video of these guys last semester. It was really awesome. They have a lot of control over their bodies. They make it look like they’re doing stop motion and slow motion when they’re not. It’s all real time stuff. It’s fricken awesome.

  • Lily

    Really enjoyed this post! I like Genki Sudo more than Polysics. Sorry John! lol

  • mpw

    every time I see it… asimo!

  • John

    I like Genki Sudo too! Polysics’ music is just a bit more on the crazy side, haha.

  • Anonymous


  • ZA다ルﻣ

    yeah, i’m usually not interested in dance too much, either, but this, and ソーラン節 i found before it really caught my attention–i guess they’re really very different, but i thought of both of them as somehow similar to the limited martial arts training i have in their choreography (forms/形/형/품새, anyone?). but yeah, definitely cool.

  • Mill

    I believe the 2012 video was inspired by the Mayas? 
    Still, got me excited since I live in Mexico. Cool post, I’m totally liking this guys.

  • Actually Famous

    For awhile there, I didn’t know if they were boxing or trying to find ways to hug each other.

  • Mali

    ohhh I love that you wrote about Genki Sudo!!!
    Last year I was in Japan during NY and me, my ex-bf and his french friends went to a club by car. They are all really into MMA and they were playing his CD in the car. I had no idea who he was and only remebered “Genki”. As soon as I was home I googled him and found his songs. They so remind me of that great New Year Day now ^^ he is really a genious, his songs are so cool!

  • Kira

    bought the cd, twice :3 this was great! thank you so much for posting the videos, I feel inspired too. 

  • Karlo Sevilla

    Hello, koichi! Great work! Your article here about Genki Sudo and World Order inspired me to write my own. I mentioned and linked you and your article in my piece here:

    Keep up the good work! :D 

  • Gasdive

    Here’s a fan made tribute.  It’s interesting to search for tributes of which there are now many.  This one is a frame by frame copy done in animation.  Amazing.

  • Crystal

    You’ve got the wrong there/their in the second to last sentence of the paragraph after the last video. :)
    I remember seeing the New York video a couple years ago and not understanding what was so great about it. But looking at it now, I think it’s pretty impressive.

  • Adam Heathcote

    I have been a huge fan of Genki Sudo and World Order for a while now.
    The dancing in unison thing and having to know your partners really well is a core component of any dance/singing/acting/performing arts course. When i went through performing arts school, they really drum it home that you need to be able to work with people like this, it’s amazing to see a group use it in such a raw form.

  • Shelly

    Where can I find the tour dates?!