WaniKani Content Editor

    Published • Application due Indefinitely

    Tofugu is looking to hire someone to work on improving WaniKani's existing content in its various forms. This role fixes errors, thinks through and acts on content suggestions, does research, develops ideas for improvement projects, and generally just makes WaniKani better, day in and day out, little by little. Through many small changes, updates, additions, and subtractions over time, you'll make a big difference for a lot of learners of the Japanese language.

    The Work

    • You will go through errors and suggestions sent in by users and staff. This involves collecting, processing, and organizing these suggestions. Then, using critical thought, research, and sometimes debate, to make decisions on what changes should (or shouldn't) be made.
    • You will write mnemonics, hints, and other applicable content for items in the WaniKani system.
    • You will update, and make decisions about, the meta of items. For example, adding to the block and allow lists, adding or changing meanings, changing word type, updating/writing/switching out context sentences, and the like.
    • You will perform self-directed audits and research, considering and proposing ways we can improve WaniKani's content.
    • You will keep track of changes made, compiling them into our regular updates for users.


    • You have a deep knowledge of the Japanese language. Ideally JLPT 2 or 1, or equivalent.
    • You have native-level English reading and writing ability. Beyond having "native" level English, you should be a good writer as well. Writing mnemonics is a mix of technical and creative writing, after all.
    • You should consistently produce error-free work. There are a lot of little details that this role will handle.
    • You have excellent critical thinking ability. You consistently make good decisions. Not all suggestions are good, and many seem like a good idea at first glance. Being able to think through each suggestion to make the right decision (and knowing when to talk to someone else) is very important to perform this role well.
    • You should be able to think several steps ahead, beyond what's right in front of you. A change to one item is often a change to another item, which is a change to yet another item (and so on). One simple change can have a cascading effect on many more items, and you'll need to be able to hold all that in your head at the same time.
    • You're able to do focused work and create tangible results.
    • You have a good knowledge of WaniKani and how it works, and ideally you have been—or are—a WaniKani user.


    Job Type: Hourly, Contractor (est. 5-10hrs/week)
    Work Hours: Flexible
    Work Location: Remote, Worldwide
    Pay: $40/hr, +$10/hr after six months

    Hours for this role are flexible, though there will be times where you need to coordinate calls and work with members of the WaniKani Content Team.

    The person hired for this role will need to complete a paid trial of four to eight weeks. When we both feel like it's a good fit, we'll formalize an ongoing contract. We'll also be able to adjust hours if there are more, or fewer, hours than initially estimated.

    Before applying for this job, please read through our internal wiki: Working at Tofugu. It goes over what it's like to work at Tofugu, including the "anti-overtime" hourly pay rate.

    If you think you would be a great candidate, you can apply by putting together the following:

    • Your resumé or some resumé-like document, giving us an idea of your work history and experience. PDF format, please.
    • A cover letter-like document, in PDF format. It can (and probably will) be more than one page. We'd like you to tell us why you're applying, how you'll measure success in the role, and why/how, specifically, you'll bring value to Tofugu.

    When you've put together the above, please fill out and upload the documents to the following form:

    If that doesn't work, you can use this link.

    We get a lot of applications, so please be patient! We'll respond to everybody, whether they make it to the next step or not, though it might take us a while. The hiring process for this position is:

    1. Submit application.
    2. We read and process applications.
    3. Work challenge.
    4. We look at work challenges.
    5. Request for work challenge edits (maybe).
    6. Short interview.
    7. Long interview / Reference interviews (maybe).
    8. One to two month trial period at around five hours a week.
    9. Continued agreement and hours adjustment.

    The hiring process may change, but as of right now that's the plan.

    If you have any questions, please email