Software Engineer - Mobile Applications

    Published • Application due Indefinitely

    Tofugu is seeking an experienced React Native Software Engineer to bring v1 of our iOS app to a "version 1.5-ish." Only behind rote memorization, WaniKani may be the most widely used program for learning Japanese kanji and vocabulary. Your work will have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of people wh oare learning the Japanese language. You may even get a thank-you card.

    You will work with the team at Tofugu and WaniKani to refine the code in our v1 app as well as build out additional features to get it to feature parity with the website. This is a temporary position with the goal of getting our app to a place where it's fairly complete and bug-free. After that, depending on its success, there is the possibility of an extension of the contract to make an Android version.

    The Work

    • Over the first couple weeks, perform a code review on the current version of the app, coming up with suggestions on what improvements we can make. The previous developer of the v1 version of the app will likely be available for one-on-one time to help ease transition.
    • With help from members of the WaniKani team, learn how WaniKani works, from philosophical, pedagogical, and technological standpoints.
    • Fix bugs in a timely fashion as they come in, especially during the initial month of the iOS app’s publication (estimate: June 2019).
    • Expand the current test plan, implementing and improving it as we increase the number of moving parts.
    • Continue to build out our automated testing suite.
    • In the first three months, build in-app purchases–along with applicable pricing/billing/etc pages–into the app.
    • Within the first six months, bring the iOS app to basic feature parity with the web app. This includes a reviews summary, on-boarding tutorials, item level-up indicators, autoplay audio, additional user settings, in-app registration, in improved log-in, improved progress bars, and more.
    • Implement suggestions from point one (after completing code review).
    • Depending on success of app, there is a possibility for extension (to work on an Android and/or iPad version).


    • You love React Native. A lot. You won't stop talking about it, and you’re good at it too. But you know it lives in the big, messy system of systems that is mobile.
    • You are pragmatic with your attitude and approach, working with all those other systems to get the job done with minimal, clean code.
    • You know Javascript, some Swift, some Java, and the smattering of other languages and frameworks that it takes to make all those work together.
    • You can navigate the various app stores intricacies, understanding the quirks of their submission processes and payment models.
    • The ability to create UI designs is a plus, the ability to implement them effectively is a must.
    • An eye for design and user interface will be expected as well.
    • Some (or a lot of) Japanese ability is very helpful but not necessary. A lack of Japanese language ability may be substituted with a willingness to learn it.
    • You have excellent communication skills and are good at giving and receiving feedback.
    • You enjoy working collaboratively and participating in team discussions and planning.


    Job Type:

    • Part-time (20-30 hrs/week), temporary (6-months) with potential for extension

    Work Location:

    • Remote, or from our Portland, Oregon office

    Hourly Rate:

    • $125-$150/hour

    Tofugu is a company that believes that education (not just Japanese) improves lives. You’re expected to learn. A lot. About your job skills, Japanese, and about anything else that interests you. At the same time, we believe that working around forty hours a week is enough. You should spend time with your family, yourself, and your horse. That means that we expect you to be really good at what you do. And, we expect you to improve and learn at a hungry pace. If you believe in the same things, and you have the skills and experience listed, we’d love to talk to you.

    To apply, send a cover letter (in PDF format) letting us know why you are the one to do The Work. Include a resumé (also PDF) and send it all to